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    Ordered some Abena M4 Premium Cloth Backed - What to Expect?

    So, I have been waiting to try these briefs out for a while and am really excited! Before I tell you what I am looking for in a diaper, I’ll tell you what I want to do in it. *Preface contains graphic content lol* - I definitely like to pee in my diapers, I love how it makes me feel little -I...
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    Disposable Diapers that feel like Cloth?

    Hey all, I hope you guys are doing well! Out of curiosity, I am looking for a disposable diaper that would feel like a cloth. Is there anything you guys might recommend? I prefer disposable simply because they are easier to put on especially when you are tired and worn out.
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    The Joy Of Wearing Diapers

    So I finally bought myself some GOOD diapers, really good quality diapers and it is awesome. I was wearing Tena Maxi slip & Abri-form and it is awesome! I've used 5 diapers in 2 days, so it is kind of addicting dor sure. I have had a tiny leakage problem, so would it be worth it to invest in...
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    How Can you Live with Yourself?

    Just fyi the thread title isn't how it sounds lol. I'm not saying what we are into is bad or wrong at all haha in fact I approve of it. But what I'm getting at, is how do you wake up in the morning and acknowledge that you have a diaper fetish? There's nothing I can do to make it go away...
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    Diaper roleplaying site?

    Hey all, sorry for my long hiatus but I decided to stop by and say hi again! :) My question for you guys is do you know of a diaper site that is dedicated strictly to roleplaying? Because if not I was thinking of creating one and trying to promote it. I was thinking a diaper site dedicated...
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    I have a tights fetish!

    Well I'm excited because I just found out that I have a tights fetish! Do you think it would be exploiting my fetish if I joined ballet so I could wear them more? Haha it feels so good wearing them though that is all I can say for now!!:laugh:
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    Dry 24/7 A Disappointment

    Well... I love how thick these diapers are and I love that they are white. However They are just to big for my small hips and body. What would you guys suggest for me? I like my diapers thick and only white!! I am 5' 5" and I way 119 lbs with a hip size of about 27-28" I believe. Any...
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    My Little Pony: Why the big Attraction???

    Okay so there are a couple of guys at my work that are really into my Little Pony lol. What is so attractive about this series??? :confused: Can someone say what is so attractive about My Little Pony? Maybe I'll watch it on Netflix lol. They do have the first six seasons on Netflix.
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    Accept Yourself

    Something I realized about liking diapers is that you have to accept yourself for who you are even if other's don't. :) That has seriously helped me get through some tough times where even at one point in my life I felt like committing suicide because my family did not understand me, I could not...
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    Explaining my Fetish

    ((Mods please feel free to move this as you please, I just put it here because I felt it appropriate since I have a diaper fetish.)) So, I decided that for the first time in my life I am going to start dating. Previously, I had been terrified to do so because of my diaper fetish. Now I am...
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    Evolving, sissy style?

    So this is weird, for me I used to get turned on by just wearing a diaper. But now, it's all weird because for me I love the idea of putting on a frilly dress, with a thick diaper underneath! So did I evolve or something? Lol, it's kind of weird, and recently I've been very into pink tights...
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    My Story

    So I thought I would like to share my story with you guys and how I came to realize that I was a sissy, and how I really do fit on after all. :biggrin: It all began like many of you when I found that horrible site Deeker's diaper page when I was about 13 or 14. At that point I...
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    I don't Fit In on ADISC

    I just realized recently (in this past week) that I don't fit on this site well at all. :( I feel that I fit better on another adult diaper website, but for the rules sake I am not going to mention its name. Thank you for introducing me to the diaper world and I will stop by every so...
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    Could someone please make me a signature?

    I'd like to use this picture as my signature but can someone please do the appropriate resizing for me? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!
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    Confused and a little Nervous

    Hello most of you in the furry community don't know me. You can just call me CG because I'm not a regular on this forum. I'm off and on. I have a confession to make. In the past I used to feel a little weird about babyfur/diaperfurs *mostly furries in general* because of a bad experience I had...