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  • I graduated high school in 2005. Now I live in an RV resort at Prince Gallitzin State Park. I may not go to college since I'm happy with my current line of work. I'd rather deliver newspapers for a few hours a day rather than having a full time job. If I do decide to go to college, it would be to major in Japanese language and culture. I've been studying it for years.
    Too many things to like about the show and games. As far as games, I prefer the old-school games like Sonic 2 for genesis. I finally beat it when I downloaded it for iPad. I have watched Sonic X in English And Japanese. I even have all the episodes uploaded on YouTube, click this link. I have several Tails keychains, those rubbery die-cut ones, one for each vehicle. And last, the license plate on my Toyota Prius says "TAILZY". Does doesn't make me big fan, now does it? ^_^

    So what do you like to do aside from Sonic? Are you in college or high school? Any chance you play on Neopets.com?

    ^_^ TaiLzYpOo
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