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  • i got like 45 bucks on psn Waiting for something to come worth buying and i added you on msn.
    Black Ops! Best campaign ever! I also have MW2 and I have about 14$ left on the PSN I don't know what to do with.
    When you turn the PS3 off with the button on the front (and the red light comes on) it is basically in a standby mode. The way to really "turn it off" is when you flip the switch on the back side of the machine, and the red light goes out.
    Hii! Thanks for the request! ^_^
    Awsome picture Lolz
    It is ^^ I got it a few days ago when she started doing them.
    Hi ther^^ I noticed ya sent me a friend request, but I would like to say hi first. lol.
    Romeo and Juliette was OK actually - but saying that, we weren't set any essays on it!
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