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  • Thanks, I just had the first two tests today. They weren't too bad after all the practice that I've been doing. I've got another two tests tommorow and then I'll be done... Yay!!!!

    Sorry to hear about your parents finding your diapers :(
    The same thing happened to me at the end of last year, ehh it was terrible and still is.
    hehe me? famous? nah, I dun ever see myself as such. Just a lil padded wanderer with a crayon hand, looking to share common interests with other AB's, DL's, babyfurs, and all. I look for friends all the time ^^
    Hey, its nice to see you ^__^
    I've been alright. I've almost finished school (final exams tommorow). I don't really have much to say, I guess life is the same really. How have you been?
    Thanks. It's work from StrawberryNeko, you can find a bigger version here. If you're interested, my FA account is here and StrawberryNeko's is here.
    Hey, I'm still here. I don't post very often but I still come on at least once a day to talk to my friends (you) ^_^

    Anyway, hows it going? What have you been doing lately? :)
    I've been on Easter break, eating lots of chocolates yum! Hehe.. I also went diving on the weekend which was pretty fun :D
    Well pleasure to meet you, it's warming to know that other guys have also found a mate (word of choice for me too) that is willing to take the patience and time to learn and understand all of this. Hope she enjoys her time here..I know Beta has.
    Thanks ^^

    Also, I'm not exactly an admin :p
    For the time being, I'm helping out as an IRC moderator.
    Nothing much, what are you up to? yeah it really pisses me off when people post and or talk bullshit, I feel like I can't not label it as bullshit. :)
    Afraid not. Since I'm useless at drawing, I don't really see the point. I might get round to it some time.
    A babyfur by the name of Tavi-Munk. You'll find his DeviantArt account here, and his website here.
    Thankiees :) Marci McAdam dose awesome work.
    We should chat some times and stuff amd get tp know each other for sures ^^ maybe you have msn or sompins. Anyways yeah im a kitsunemimi-babyfurr I suppose it would be called or something along that termonology?
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