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    I got a new sippy the other day

    Ohhhh I love that!!! I want one! I second ChubbyMower's request to know where you got it!
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    Do you get to spend time outdoors in a diaper?

    I can't do it in just a diaper and a t-shirt...I have no privacy but I will go outside with shorts on or a skirt at night. And I will wear them out in a skirt at times. I have the house to myself during the summer so I wear almost 24/7 then. Otherwise I just usually wear every night.
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    WORST place you've used your diaper?

    In the car. I was 8 years old and even though by that time I was mostly dry during the day they still made me wear a diaper anytime we were on a long car ride since I couldn't hold it for long periods of time and I refused to pee on the side of the road lol. I couldn't hold it for very long due...
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    How many of you are going to wear diapers as an adult, adult?

    I never thought I would want to wear them again when I finally stopped wetting the bed at age 14. I don't think it was more than a few months before I went and bought some GoodNights at the store and secretly wore them to bed. I'm 27 now, nearly 28 and while I don't wear 24/7, I can rarely go...
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    Favorite Alcoholic Beverages

    I don't drink beer.....unless I am already drunk and deciding that I want to make a stupid decision by mixing. I don't really drink wine either. But I LOVE liquor. Partially because my best friend is Russian and partially because it's just so delicious. Literally when she and I lived together we...
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    im a kid more then AB/DL?

    I totally identify with you! But I was a bed-wetter for many years so I think that is why I identify. I am not a huge fan of pull-ups but prefer full on diapers (again probably because that is what I wore to keep my bed dry). I do sometimes regress to a younger age though but mostly I identify...
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    Is there room for adulthood in your life?

    I am not sure if I necessarily fit the category of AB...I am more of a DL but I do indulge in play and there are days that I just want to lay in bed all day with my paci and bottle and forget about my adult like and my adult problems. But that couldn't be me 24/7. I love being an adult and all...
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    What age/development stage do you identify with?

    I voted 9-10 but sometimes it's younger and sometimes it's older. It all depends on how I am feeling. I have been as young as 2 but I think I feel more like 9 or 10 cause that's when I really remembering how much I liked diapers. Even though at the times I had to wear them to bed because of bed...
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    Buying diapers from

    I used to work there so as long as you order and ship it to your house they come in a box that has written all over it. However if you choose the site to store option they will open up your box when you go pick it up to make sure that you got what you ordered so if you want to be...
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    Help me pick the right diaper?

    Personally I like the Tranquility ATN's. They have great bulk and swell although I am also fond of Unique Wellness briefs as well. But ATN's are they have a better rustle in my opinion! I also like Molicares but those are more expensive although you can get samples from...
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    Newbie here

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Zipperless- I never actually made it to the pyramids the whole time I lived in Egypt. I am almost embarrassed to admit that! I lived in Alexandria and Sharm El Sheikh (by the Red Sea) and I hated going to Cairo. It's so hot and crowded. Literally it can take you...
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    Newbie here

    Hey everyone! My name is Caroline. I'm 27 about to turn 28. I live in North Carolina. I am in nursing school. Finally figured out what I wanted to do after switching majors about 4 times! Yay! I don't work anymore but I used to be a teaching assistant in a special education classroom and I...