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    Living at home and using diapers?

    All the time. I'm 21 and have my own stash. I don't work currently but hope to change that asap. Sent from my SGH-I747M using Tapatalk 2
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    diaper songs

    The Fear - Lily Allen Reference to packing plastic, I giggle everytime I hear it. :)
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    What do you do with your wet and /or dirty diapers?

    Large freezer bags, it masks the smell for a week.. Until the next garbage day.
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    Bambinos in Canada. I'm thinking of selling them

    I know how you feel, it's so expensive to get anything shipped around here.. and it takes forever. What I usually do (I live close to the border as well) is I get everything shipped to my mailbox in Blaine, Wa. It's like a 10 dollar fee every year and $2.50 every parcel you pick up. I save a...
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    Planning First Diaper Run

    Bring your own reusable bags in, they conceal really well. I have a big Vancouver Canucks one that I bring in everytime I go in to buy.. well worth the 99 cents =D ---------- Post added at 02:53 ---------- Previous post was at 02:52 ---------- I also wanted to add in, you should put it in...
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    I've accepted everything and I'm coming out a different closet.

    Oh wow, Congratulations!! :)
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    Songs that could be (but probably aren't) about infantilism

    Lily Allen - The Fear 'But it doesn't matter cause i'm packing plastic, thats what made my life so fucking fantastic'
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    So you don't wear diapers beacuse it's to hot out? Eh? That makes no sense...

    Yeah, or the Interior of BC where it's Desert like. So warm and dry :3
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    Techniques for hiding odor, please contribute!

    I have a window fan that I use 24/7 always bringing fresh air into my room so I never ever get the smell of it.. Worth a try if you live in a temperate climate like I do where its not really hot and its not very cold out anytime of the year.
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    Environmental impact of diapers

    Probably would go for cloth if I wasn't contending with parents.
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    I should put a canucks related pic as my profile pic as well. Don't think im copying you, though ;)

    I should put a canucks related pic as my profile pic as well. Don't think im copying you, though ;)
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    What mood is a diaper mood?

    I couldn't even tell you, its just whenever the mood sets in, usually its late at night, or when im doing yardwork....... even though it doesn't help my performance level :( haha.
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    I finally did it!!!!!!!

    Ahh, okay. makes sense now.
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    I finally did it!!!!!!!

    Congratulations!, what do you mean by strict rules? Your family was having control on what you did on your times alone?
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    Want to work on losing a diaper size with me?

    The only thing is I get Migraines from the Aspartame.. I'd prefer water over diet.. If only it didn't affect me like it does.. :(