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  • Nederlands is de beste taal voor ons omdat niemand het ooit begrijpt heh! Waarom heb je die lube niet gekocht? Omdat je het niet mee kan nemen in het vliegtuig? Je kunt die penis lollies ook lamineren en ze voor altijd bewaren!! :laugh: Niet dat "luiers" zeggen hier veel nut heeft heh :p, niemand zal je iets vervelends vragen! :)
    Haha wat ga ik vanavond doen? Ik ga uh.. kijken hoe jij aan jouw penis lollie likt!! Nah ik weet dat je die nog niet gebruikt hebt :p, hoeveel heb je er? En, voordat je het vraagt, NEE ik ga NIET aan een penis lollie likken volgende October! It's kind of cute actually, but Ellie, did you really buy that.. flavoured lube or was that just a joke :D
    FS Ellie, there are certain body parts of a male that can grow 2 inches past the year 25!! Although, it goes back to normal after being used :laugh:

    Man that was wrong. Anyway, yeah 5 inches was a bit too much but she did shrink a lot or so she told us.. but so did my dad, my dad used to be taller than my mum ^^
    Yeah I guess I'll be a decently sized parent.. but the first 14 years of your child's life you'll be taller than they'll be anyway! Size doesn't matter at all though, we'll have tons of fun living together, so make sure to be able to live with me as fast as possible :), I'll be waiting for you!

    The internet is a big place but your fetish is nowhere to be found I must say ^^, the only thing I can find is the definition or some basic facts which we both very well know.

    And did your dad really grow 2 inches..? my mum shrunk like 5 inch ever since she stopped growing
    Actually, I wish there was a community out there about your fetish, it would be very interesting for me to see what those people are like ^^, and it would help us to feel better about ourselves, because I sometimes feel a bit lonely having your fetish because there aren't a lot of us around. If there is none.. we can always make our own some day :), but that'll probably never happen

    And seriously ma dear, I will be the loser of the family at EVERYTHING apart from "yeah if you turn a bucket of water around fast enough the water will not fall out", which no one is generally interested in! While you're good at social stuff, which truly matter!
    you yell when I tickle you though! Which makes me seem like a rapist to people from downstairs! And yeah.. I'll get used to being the loser of our little family :), at least you'll always be the winner, which you should be.

    See? We're not the only odd couple out there devoted enough to do everything for each other :). It's an odd occurrence for young people to be accepting enough to accept each other as they are, but love can blind anyone in a good way. It makes my heart feel warm that we'll always be there for each other. And we both have a fetish extra to enjoy!!
    Nah I really am an epic fail!! I failed at all our games, I can't even win from a girl at tickling, how awful must that sound to others?? Like: oh look it's that guy that can't win from his girlfriend, let's laugh and point at him :laugh:
    or just wohood! for trying to pronounce it correctly

    I fail at teh engrish.. Happen to think about it, I lose at everything don't I?? I mean I lose at all our games, I lose at tickling, running, swimming, school grades, languages, and I fail at saying "the"!!
    Aww well we'll probably go to sleep in a few minutes so our arms, legs and feet can get some rest. Don't lean your feet against the wood of your desk again!
    you should tell me what that component is as soon as you've found out :), it just means we have to read the package before buying something instead of just following the price tags like my parents do, huh! Man we'll make an odd couple when we live together
    Uh yeah sorry about risking that, I didn't know you were allergic to bubble soap until you told me! Luckily, the one I poured in did nothing to you. What kind of soaps are you allergic for though?
    They're not leftovers!! But don't worry I'll get you some real bath salt if you want some, I think most salts have quite a nice smell :)! You didn't seem to like the bubble bath I prepared for you during the 5th though :(, I guess you don't like bubble baths a lot?
    Compared to your downstairs bathroom, our downstairs bathroom is minuscule yeah.. I don't actually know why we have sel de bain in the toilet anyway.. most are so old I wouldn't even dare tossing them in the bath! They're just decoration :p. I have some bathing salt left from chemistry class, the stuff I made myself I mean
    You know you really shouldn't be ashamed of asking me you want a bath next time you're here :), it's vacation for you and you can stay in for as long as you want if you enjoy baths like that! I could even give you some bathing salt to make the bath all smelling nice!
    Wet hair rules! I remember when you came out of the bath when I visited your place all on my own, you have a lot of hairs and you'd leave damp spots everywhere you went! I guess that's why you carried the towel around with you for some time! You're right, sorry about the "on accident". What happened to your feet though?
    Ha you're downstairs for a glass of juice right now! Why are your feet sore though, did you hit them on the wall on accident?
    I'm back from my shower and all fresh :p
    Were you serious about that? because you weren't far off, not many people know about the existence of this community.. It's pretty much a secret club of people who share something
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