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    A moment of Silence for one of our own

    My deepest sympathies.
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    Want to mess but trash can gets to smelly

    I think they are using a mobile device. A period forms often on a mobile device. Especially if you use capital letters. I have a hard time reading mobile messages because there is so much to uncode.
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    Your squirrel picture made me giggle.

    Your squirrel picture made me giggle.
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    Suggestion Reactions to posts

    @Dogboy I would think that comments that are nothing but a smiley emoji would be considered spam. People get banned for spamming.
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    Suggestion Reactions to posts

    I thought that the reputation thingys where something that the admins gave. I had no idea that others could use them as well.
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    Renaissance man. Real sweet boy. A Tortured life. A New Hope.

    Hi @HotTatorTot. That is the longest and most informative introduction I have read. I like your taste in music. I'm looking forward to learning more about you. Welcome!
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    Suggestion Reactions to posts

    OHHHHHH!!! Adding to reputation!! Thanks so much. I will do that from now on.
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    Suggestion Reactions to posts

    Is there a way to add a reaction to a post we have read? Not everything I read in forum needs my reply. But I sometimes would like to leave a little smile, to let the person know I liked their post.
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    Enjoy watching others wet?

    Yep. I enjoy that very much. I actually prefer watching someone wet (or mess) pants/diaper over watching nudity.
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    Greetings from Canada

    @PCBaby Thanks for the welcome. I have a lot of interests, the same as most people I guess, movies, music. I am not in a relationship nor have I ever really had one where the guy was supportive. In fact, most times they downright hated it, and had no problem telling me. There are people I was...
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    Greetings from Canada

    @Moonshot your comment made me giggle. Remember a few years ago, Kayne did a song with Paul and all the 20 somethings were like hey who is this guy with kanye!??
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    ADISC Stories INDEX

    WOW! @Kerry you have really put a lot of work into this forum. Thank you!
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    Finished Home

    I really liked this story.
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    Hello @froggerdog those are some might fine things to like! Do you have a favourite breed of dog?
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    Wet the bed for the first time since toddler age last night. Why?

    Sometimes when you are dreaming of peeing, it is because your brain is telling you that actually do have to pee. I have dreamed of pee and woken up in various stages of wet also. I wonder if everyone has done this too?