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    Finished The Date

    I liked the story. I thought it was cute. It also made me smile as I just got back from a short few days visiting my Big Bro. Where I stayed diapered the whole time and we too went to a kids movie.
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    An opportunity

    people will naturally assume you are getting it for someone else. They will search for the most logical answer. Don't worry about such things.
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    Christopher (Title Pending)

    This is a pretty good story, but I didn't make it all the way though as it is kind of hard to read at times. Mostly from the baby talk. I understand most of it, but a lot of it becomes hard to make out. Maybe indicate what it means in parenthesis so we can read it if we need too?
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    Hello! Tell us about yourself! What do you like to do normally?
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    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    You are Amazing! and I love this Story!
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    Finished The Ryan and Dorie Story

    . . . . . That was really good! I expect 50 chapters in the next 30 seconds so I can keep reading... yep yep 50!
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    Easter Plushies

    I dunno if a new plushie is a good idea or not... I already have a Penguin Pillow Pet (Rugby), my Eeyore Pillow Pet, my little Safari Eeyore, my Penguin (Gunther), my Mad Hatter (Jefferson), My Duffy bear, my Lemur (Maurice), My Mammoth (Manny), My childhood Stuffed Monkey, Pongo, Patch, Rollie...
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    Eating out

    I'm a very clean eater... I use a fork for everything... and as far as wings I only eat boneless cause I don't like food to get on my hands or face...
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    Sleeping positions

    I usually sleep on my left side with my legs tucked inward cuddling a plushie.
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    wearing dog diapers

    my big bro often jokes about putting me in one... and I have considered it a few times lol
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    When did you realize you were a baby?

    How old were you when you became noticed diapers as an interest? Did you do anything about it, at that time? I was about 11 or so. I used to make fake diapers by cutting leg wholes in plastic bags and stuffing it with paper towels and wearing briefs under the bag. How old were you when you...
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    OMG I need advice so bad...

    I graduated college in May and then finished an internship program Jan 2nd, so now I am just unemployed. As far as where I get the diapers, I built a stock pile before losing employment... Plus some money on the side helps buy some cheap depends...
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    OMG I need advice so bad...

    he came home today and has said nothing about it. We have had our usual conversations and nothing is weird at all so maybe he just let it go? I know he saw it... maybe he chooses not to believe what he saw?
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    OMG I need advice so bad...

    It happened right before I posted this. I sort of freaked out. I have calmed down now. I am just going to pretend it didn't happening and hope he does the same. If he does ask, I guess I will just explain it is a way i relieve stress, and try to understand. I have a lot of stress right now, and...
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    OMG I need advice so bad...

    My father walked in on me in the midst of being in only very thick diapers... and there is no chance he didn't see. He walked in, looked right at them and walked out and left... I don't know what to say or do. I am so scared. I am currently unemployed and living at home since I graduated. What...