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    When did you start to associate in the fandom? How did you get into the babyfur community?

    I have been a furry/babyfur for about 3 years now. It really influences my life, and is a part of my personality. The thing is though, I stumbled upon the fandom completely accidentally. I was wondering if anybody would share their stories on how they got introduced to the fandom. My story is...
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    Furry gamers

    I am a major gamer! I own many consoles, old and new. I love sidescrollers! I also play alot of playstation games. My favorite games atm are Dark Souls, Demon's souls, Contra, LOL, and classic zelda. I have a psn as well and game from time to time. I have alot of trophies including 2 platinums...
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    Has anyone tried the cloth backed cushies?

    Yeah they did them last year, but I recently got a job. So I can actually try them now ^^
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    Favorite Bands/groups?

    Well I am a huge music appreciator... I love the punk rock genre, and every type of metal, and I really enjoy some good goth music. Not that much into pop, and can only listen to one country song... Other than that I love every other genre! Here are my top 5 favorite bands ranking in order 1...
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    What song can you not stop listening to?

    My Chemical Romance - House of Wolves ...and anything by Rise Against
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    Wearing a collar in the open

    I use to wear a collar at school! Till I was told by administration to stop because they thought I was doing a domination, submission thing xD omg it was so embarrassing
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    Has anyone tried the cloth backed cushies?

    I recently ordered a case of cloth backed cushies. I was wondering though, has anyone tried them last time they had them? I really like the prints on cushies, and they are my favorite ABDL diaper. Anyways I was wondering how they differ with today's baby diapers. Does the cloth backing make it...
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    What if: AB/DL's were targets of extremists?

    I do believe some points in this. Like the pedophilla part... I mean we still get accused of these things. I think that we could easily be used as a scapegoat. The thing is is we are still under the radar. We may have been on TV in my strange addiction, and other programs like *cringes* Tyra...
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    What makes you feel cubby

    Hehe footie pajamas make me feel cubby too. ^^ recently just got some Star Wars ones
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    What makes you feel cubby

    What are some triggers that make you feel most at your cub self. I know that smell is a real trigger for me. The smell of baby powder to be exact. I know alot of people are different, and a lot of people feel differently about this. So what makes "you" feel cubby ^^
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    A question to all furs

    I think it would be awesome to have a tail :3 though I don't know how I would make that work if I wanted to be padded xD
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    Have you ever shoplifted diapers?

    I remember when I was like 13 I was at my family camp site. I went to the store and saw that they had pull ups sitting out. I had no money, and if I did I sure as heck wouldn't buy a pull up in front of the camp staff. So took one and stuffed it in my pants... It was very awkward. I look back...
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    New here

    I love gaming :3 and my favorite movie is "The Town" with Ben Afleck. My favorite video game is dark souls. I really like challenging video games x3
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    New here

    Hiya my name is CalebFox ^^ I am 18 and as long as I can remember I have always adored diapers. My parents know about me being a DL they had problems with it when I was first found out. I took a pull up from the nurses office in middle school. My dad saw the diaper line... And we'll thats when I...
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    What's your favourite DiaperFur/Babyfur artist?

    I really enjoy Kalida's style