you looked hotter online

college, networking, spending time showing love.
California, USA
  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
  3. Sissy
  1. Straight
student at LAHC. business major
Favourite diaper
i wouldnt know, i've never been able to get any :'(
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if you need to contact me outside of this my email is [email protected]

yes, i'm butterscotch. you may have known as as babyDavid in a previous account. i got caught when i was 17 and left the scene for a while and im back now. im 20, and in community college at Los Angeles Harbor College. there's not really much that i'm interested in saying, especially since most of our interests here are pretty much the same. i must sound boring, but i'm really not. ive gotten to see a lot of this world and i lead a pretty adventurous life, going new place and meeting new people, and i do my best to speak life into those i encounter and show love to those who need it and help us all grow into the people we want to be.
so yeah, thats about it for now. we should talk.