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  • Thank you for the friend request and I look forward to communicating with you on here.
    Perhaps in time we can PM each other?
    I am originally from New Zealand, but reside in the United Kingdom.
    Sorry I haven't been here for a while guys, wifi's restricted at college and I'm at home for a month before the next semester so I'm only able to come here if I go to a coffee shop or something xP email me guys, I'm bored
    lol. wow. EKU only cared if it was pirated stuff and you were downloading. lol. and the local place has crap for interwebs.
    Lots of things really I debated majoring in philosophy at one point but I don't see it being useful nor do I see my parents approving.

    But now I've been searching through recent events related to a person in my life and realizing how she has been manipulating me emotionally.
    Which really sucks because I love her and I never saw how badly she was hurting me.
    Look Simba, everything the light touches is ADISC

    What about that shadowy place?

    That is Fetlife. You must never go there, Simba
    Yes I did . I read all of the recipes when they are posted.

    I also like making sandwich's with French toast
    I'm off for spring break starting this coming week. so if i dont reply to whatever you sent, dont get mad, i'll get to it when i get back XD happy friday <3
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