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  • Hi how are you? I've just recently got back into the Pokemon trading card game and as well started collecting magic the gathering
    Bronypony? That name does not seem like your shoving it in anyone's face. The "NotSo" seems very sad to me and others and we all want you to be positive about yourself!
    I do hope that you got some helpful information NSSH... I am interested in hearing how you are doing too! :hug: -Marka
    She's my second favourite! The CMC are a sweet bunch. Out of the older girls I like all of them, honestly, but can relate most to Twilight, and Pinky Pie makes me laugh the most.
    I think sweetie belle is the most adorable :) The way her voice squeaks. Aww :) Glad you're feeling better, man!
    Thanks! Flutter shy is my girl :D except I'm more of a combination of pinkie and flutter.

    I was just wondering how things are going. We stopped the dialog in the one thread and I was just wondering if it helped or not?

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