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    Hi Everybody

    That's a bit harsh. He said he's sjy. Maybe that just came out/across the wrong way. Giant tell us a little about yourself mate :-)
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    Hi from Brisbane :)

    Lol ok :-)
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    Meeting Other AB/DL's word of Warning

    Well said :) Good warning and should definitely be taken on board :)
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    Getting A Kick From Getting Caught ?

    I agree, getting caught is the last thing I ever want to happen! To much explaining and embarrassment
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    Pooping and Nappies My take on it

    I don't get it? I made a threat like this and it was removed :(
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    Hi tyty20, welcome :) THanks to taking the time to tell us a little about yourself :) Im 22 & from Australia.
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    Hey mate welcome aye :) Tell as a little about yourself mate :)
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    Bris guy taking big(little) step.

    Hey mate Im on the Northside too. I'm 22 but I swear Im looking at a mirror :P I too like camping, canoeing/kayaking ( I prefer Jet Skiing) PC games and all that kind stuff too :)
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    Hiya I'm Milo

    Hi Hilo! Welcome mate! Do you have any preferred diaper? :)
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    Childish diapers

    Hey anytime mate, I've seen a few people do that, like older bigger guys try to fit into drynites/goodnite but the waist bands break so they like put them on like a normal nappy but then put duct tap around to secure it. Might not be comfortable but give it a go and let us know if it works! (If...
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    Hi all

    Hey mate, welcome aye, great to see you have some people to hang around that accept you for you!
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    I mostly play tycoon or simulator games, like the Sims 3 or goofy games like Hospital or rollercoaster tycoon :P
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    my AB,ABDL story

    Hi Mate, that's awesome that you found someone who supports you for you. Did she ever mention she may join you?
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    Shy Newbie

    Hey mate! Great Intro, Great to see you like games to when you get the chance! What games to you play? Any preferred genre?
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    New Teenbaby from the East Coast

    Hi mate :-)