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  • Yeah Im willing to give him another chance to. It wasnt the plan to have him start anyway. He was thrown into the worst possible situation. The offensive life didn't protect him at all and he didn't have any receivers to throw to besides Mike Thomas. Now with Laurant Robinson and Justin Blackmon will give him options. I think he can turn out to be good still. He was looking good towards the end of the season.
    north platted and valentine. as for meetups none that i know of last year i met up with a bf who met up with another and it just snowballed from there.
    I have a feeling ive seen it before. brought back some strange nostalgia feeling :D.
    woot! is that u on a motocross bike? thats cool!
    lol I showed one of my other friends the video about plucky, and now he keeps saying "duckie go down the hoooole, water go down the hoooole, diaper go down the hooooole" LOL
    Thanks! =D I love large plushies and bottles..hence :D my avi pics. Im a big fan of baby looney toons and that duck just reminds me of it so it makes me all happy :D
    Im interested in watching episodes ;D thanks!
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