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    Welcome I hope you have fun here :) Hugs
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    College / University

    B.A in Hispanic Language and Literature :) going slowly but good :)
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    Under The Lil Hood

    Welcome and have lot of fun! Greetings from here! :)
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    Playing with your diaper >.<

    hehehe I do the same, don't worry :)
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    For those who have plushies..

    Nukketes Yes I have a special one that is my best friend his name is Nukketes and is a teddybear. He his brown and very smart. I made him a website (is in Spanish) you can look a picture of him there. :) I love him so much.
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    Diaper wearer or diaper user

    I am a bit of both sometimes I just wear them and another times I wet them :) :biggrin:
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    Why are baby diapers becoming larger in size?

    I personally think they are becoming shorter because old 90s baby diapers were more bigger than actual cloth baby diapers style :/
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    Picturing your friends in diapers.

    I did that but it was when I was in secondary school with a guy that I liked :) but that was just a fantasy xD
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    Nappies going missing

    I was expecting a recent update on this topic, but this will be keep as a mystery :)
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    Oh shit, you can lose your kids over your AB/DL lifestyle

    I fall in this tramp. I was worring.
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    Bedwetter from Holland

    Welcome :) Veel plezier! n___n!
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    Historical AB/DL's?

    I have wondered about the same question. But am not being too far, just between the start of the XX century and the 60s. :P
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    Help - Settings

    Where exactly I can change my signature in the settings of the forum? I have been trying to put something but I didn't found the space for signature, light me please. xD P.S Sorry for make you waste precious time in this silly question, but i really want to put a signature *___*!. Love you all...
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    New guy

    Warm welcome :) Have fun!
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome and have fun! :)