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    Abuniverse scent opinions

    I always order mine with scent and I enjoy it. One time I forgot to click the box to add scent and I honestly can say I did miss it. I think as with any fragrance its all in the nose of the beholder... I get headaches from some fragrances if I'm around them long, others I cant seem to get...
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    AB/DL friends just to hang out

    I sorta feel all special after reading this thread. Ive been hanging out with other abdl friends for a few years now... we just chill and watch sports, movies, order pizza, and just chill in our diapers...nothing sexual at all... prolly about once a month or so...its a great time and feels so...
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    What diaper do you really want to get your hands on?

    Good Call! Im a huge fan of ABU SDK's... that said, a plain all white non-printed version would be perfect! I hope enough people start requesting them. Im gonna email them right now and do just that.
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    Best activities while padded

    Yep, gotta agree with the others... pretty much everything I do I'm wearing at the same time. Just doin life in a diaper!
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    when you wake up?

    On work days I take it off within the first 15 min. On non-work days I leave it on for maybe an hour or so while I have breakfast, watch news, etc... If its totally soaked and about to start dripping then it comes off right away regardless of my schedule for the day.
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    satisfaction (Wet Or Dry) ?

    Both for me as well... I love falling asleep in a fresh one and waking to a wet one...
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    What do /you/ call diapers?

    Diapers... Ill never view my morning toast n coffee the same now...
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    I think my mom saw my pacifier

    Heres a thought... but you need to get right on it for it to be effective. Go buy a few of those candy rings that kids sometime get from vending machines, the kind that go on a finger and look like a big diamond, leave them kinda peppered around your room... they look alot like a paci... a good...
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    My Parents Hate Me

    Maybe take a look at or even around here and educate yourself and them. Very, very few have quit wearing. In my opinion its harder than quitting a drug addiction, and why torture yourself like that? Hope things smooth out for ya soon. I hate hearing about all the stress...
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    Speculation on the ABU Sissy Diapers?

    As best as I can tell the sissy diaper is the same exact product as the the Super Dry Kids, only with a different tape landing zone. That said, I find a bit of humor in reading all the posts of the community on this site and others about the "new" diaper. SDK's are in stock and can be ordered...
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    abu girly diaper

    I must be weird or at the least old fashioned. I try to support ABU as much as I can because it is obvious that they struggle to run their very unique buisness venture. I actualy want them to succeed since they cater to a small target market that I am a part of. I've had to sometimes wait for...
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    Reinforcing diaper tabs/sides

    If you look at the selection of colored duct tape in the stores... find the clear type... it works great, and doesnt ruin the look of the diaper.
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    Getting blue cross to Cover adult diapers

    Generaly all you need is a Dr. to write a Rx for them. Without a valid perscription for them, you most likely will not get them covered by insurance. Also, be prepared for them to provide very cheap ones if you do manage to get them to cover the cost.
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    Plain White Adult Diapers in Large????

    Providers Choice makes an all white diaper, its plastic backed but it has velcro tape tabs and a clothlike landing zone for the velcro tapes, while the rest of the diaper remains plastic backed... these are called Active Ultra Plus Overnites, made by or at least marketed by Providers Choice.
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    ABUniverse Super Dry Kids