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  • Hi Braddeh.

    I have not talk to you in a while so I thought I would stop by and say Hi.
    Hey, me and a new friend are trying to start a new roleplay called Rainbow Kids Special Littles Ranch. Like to join?
    That's ok! Thanks for your nice words anyway! :) Believe me, I know how busy life gets sometimes.
    Braddeh, Thought I would pop-in and say hello! I hope that you are well! -Marka
    Sorry for the late reply I don't come back to this site often, sorry about that lol I am on facebook some what tho, feel free to private message me and I do try and be a nice person life is two short to be a nasty person.
    Of course <3!! *hugs* I've been in your position before and it can be a very tough time >_< But it gets better :) I'm glad I was able to help you out ^_^
    Braddeh, I just read your visitor message on Gigglemuffinz profile...nearing two months ago...Some of us are getting quite concerned with her you have any assurance that she is currently okay? Or anyone else know? Thanks -Marka
    I'm a little unclear on what you're thinking of buying -- baby diapers or something like GoodNites/DryNites, perhaps? I have a 38" waist, and all of these things are, at best, tight and low on me. I like them very much, but using them requires some dedication and the ability to ignore their shortcomings. If you're looking for function, you're obviously going to be better off with whatever adult options are available, even if they're not a well-known brand like Tena.
    Sick... and babying yourself, I hope! Well, take care. I'm heading into a week-long vacation, but one in which I'll be fully engaged with house repairs and other start-of-summer chores. Bleh! At least it's supposed to be sunny and warm.
    Heyyy. You bet! Thanks for askin'! I hope you're having a fine afternoon -- it's almost bedtime here! :)
    I've been checking out some of the pad n pen combos on Youtube they look pretty awesome. I think I would really have fun on one. They're between 1 & 2 hundred so doable. Also I could to upgrade my paint package.
    Well original was pencil but yeah all digital stuff by mouse.. Way too clumsy. Which Wacom do you have
    Yeah no worries dude. Got to get me a graphics pad though. I'm thinking Wacom bamboo... Mouse is just too much of a pain :(
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