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  • Hi boyDiaper.
    well, in my town, there is nothing in supermarkets, I purchase my Tena's via the internet, but get my drynites from the supermarket..
    The reindeer puppy says:

    I'm good thanks, how about you?
    The lying thing Was sorted, i got my rep back :)
    The pics pretty cool, if you want to find one though, may I recommend http://www.diaperedanime.com LOTs of pictures on there (10s of thousands)
    Lol yeh I'm in year nine and iv known that quote for about 2 years LOL
    Hehe iv changed my tagline now.
    When you said tagline I thought you meant my signature, lol and I wouldn't have blamed you either. It's one of those jokes I probably don't know if I'm allowed to say here :p
    Cool Im up in wiltshire quite alot as we have family etc. i get them from dorset nursing alot they are decent

    Yeah I like that sort of stuff, it looks really cute on the right TB. Chester (ish), and I'm 27, you ?
    cool where abouts? im in hampshire
    hello, I just read your into thread, but It's been locked so I can't reply, I think guys who wear pjs and smaller pants are cool, and a lot of run to shop for!
    The way I started to like diapers was when I was 11 or 12 and was taking swim lessons at a YMCA to pass a swim test for camp. I was getting changed in a stall when I saw a trash barrel filled with swim and regular diapers. I tried on one of the swim diapers and it fit. I got hooked on putting on those for a while after my lessons even they were wet. My first ejaculation happened.

    I had an encounter yesterday with diapers. I was at a church unpacking gear from a camping trip. I went into 1 bathroom and there was a changing table. I looked around for some diapers but no luck. When walking around later I encountered a classroom. This was a nursery. I saw the room with all the diapers, I was in heaven. I took 2 to try in the nearest bathroom. One was a pullup and 1 was a regular diaper. They did not fit but I still got to feel how they felt before putting them back. I got a hard on and jacked off to the sight of them. I hope I can go back there soon to encounter this experience again.
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