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    Anyone ever order from Protex Medical?

    No experience with them. Looks like they resell a lot of rearz products.
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    Playground for Adults - Inspired by Boda Borg

    Unfortunately this is probably not as simple as it sounds. As adults we are much heavier, but our bones, muscles, tendons, etc don't proportionally grow stronger with age. Foam can make things safer, but it is pretty easy to break a wrist, twist an ankle, or crack your neck by landing the wrong...
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    I ordered a pacifer online, how do I know when it's been delivered?

    Honestly this time of year it is a crap shoot when it comes to shipping. Christmas is not the time to order anything and expect a predictable delivery time or even processing time. All that said, it is pretty unlikely the thing is just gonna show up without you getting a tracking notification...
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    The Programmatic Thread (Reply With Code!)

    int main() { char* wearing = "diaper"; sprintf(wearing + 6, "damnit not again"); return 0; }
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    Inactive threads no longer being automatically closed?

    Its come up for discussion before. Personally I find it mildly annoying, but yeah, I can see where it would be down on the priority list. I also think we've only seen a recent resurgence due to some of the recent reshuffling, which made some fairly old threads appear newer than they were.
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    Any Opinions or Advice on FetLife or

    I'll jump on the Fetlife bandwagon. Its not really a dating site per se, its more about finding events and people with similar interests and building social networks to get your kink on. That said, events and meeting people with similar interests and building a social network is a pretty good...
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    Steam Deck.

    Eh, seems like someone tries something like this every few years and it historically has flopped pretty hard. Last attempt being the nvidia shield. Between phones and more established folks like Nintendo, they're trying to claw into a small niche that is already pretty saturated.
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    If I won the lottery. What would you do?

    I haven't seen the documentary, but I've heard this many times and it honestly doesn't surprise me. An alarming chunk of the population has poor money management skills. You give someone who can't manage a normal income a sudden windfall, its not too surprising they'll screw it up. Can...
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    How to hide a case of diapers in my room

    Really depends on what you've got in those rooms and what wouldn't look out of place. Lots of options, but very situation dependent. A whole case is indeed ambitious though.
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    If I won the lottery. What would you do?

    Depends on the amount, but my base answer is pretty boring. If in the "few million" range, probably throw it all in mid risk broad index backed ETFs (XEQT/XGRO/etc) and REITS, assume a 6% return, leave 2% for inflation+taxes, and assume a safe yearly withdraw rate of 4%.. allowing me to live...
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    Robotic Mommy

    If we ever see something like that, it would probably be in the realm of hospitals and nursing homes and such. No doubt there would be interest in such a thing, but I don't think we're quite there tech wise. Designing machinery that can safely operate autonomously around humans is hard...
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    Any apes in chat? (AMC/GME Stock) 🦍 🚀 🌝

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of trading / ABDL crossover, and playing the markets is a pretty adulting type thing to do so doesn't really surprise me that it doesn't come up here much. Definitely been some discussion in a lot of my other hangouts though. Personally I've resisted the urge to go...
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    Adisc vs Fetlife

    They serve two entirely different purposes. Oversimplification, but this is a support forum whereas Fetlife is mostly about getting your kink on.
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    Am I the only one that wants this pacifier gaurd/shield size?

    Agree. I bought that "German Nuk 10" and was fairly disappointed. It looks and feels like something put together with a 3D printer and maybe a piece of plexiglass cut on laser printer or even band saw or something. The teat is also (by their own psudo-admission) not really built to stand up to...
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    Why do some people despise Remasters?

    It is a trade-off though. What the publisher gets out of it is an established audience. This is the same reason the movie industry has spent the last few years remaking everything in existence. Establishing a new thing is hard and risky, but remaking an old thing, even if it is panned, will...