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    NRU Get Nappied diapers

    have you tried the Tena slips they're pretty soft
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    How the hell do you survive the summer heat without a/c??

    you'll be ok running a swamp cooler - it won't hurt your pc - I run one out in my garage down here in Houston we see a lot of +90% humidity when it's cold or hot. never had a single issue - i used to run plasma/oxy cnc machines down here as well - one was even a diy job with an off the shelf pc...
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    New Tykables Diapers

    THAT PAGE CAN’T BE FOUND. It looks like nothing was found at this location.
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    here you go their website
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    Amzon stop selling confdey diapers

    maybe you misspelled it try - confidry 24/7
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    Rearz Inspire Incontrol sizing VS Dry 24/7

    if you need an XL - NorthShore Supreme Briefs go up to 64" and are a fantastic diaper.
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    Video games you miss?

    try there are other sites outer there just search - most of it is legal.
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    Proof That Our Generation Is In The Pot

    you do know that people sell new stuff on eBay right?
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    Faulty parts? (Oven and TV)

    try searching the internet with the make and model number and the suspected problem part with the oven - I've found repair lots of info on an old gas dryer I was having problems with - baring that get a factory service manual for it. Just be careful, gas appliances can be dangerous if you don't...
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    Weird coincidences around you?

    if you have a really good gaming pc do you even need an Xbox? I think the Xbox app for win 10 does them all.
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    Is My Best Friend Gay (For Me)?

    Maybe you should just ask him? work that quote into your question...
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    A New Holocaust Is Beginning In America

    start eating.
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    ABU BareBum vs crinklz

    At least the tapes on the Bare Bums don't slip, without doing some modifications the ones on the crinklz do. Don't get me wrong I do love the Crinklz but the sub-par tapes suck. I'm not sure if this applies to the regular crinklz or the better dry but both the Astronauts and Auqanauts it does.
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    Got my samples and free boosters from NS

    they usually send a few free things with orders but if you have something specific ask for it in the order comments.