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  • Hi Boroughbaby, a singel Euron is very crinkley I think it's due to a thicker plastic backing. Sorry to hear that your wife is not under standing but I think it was a bit of a shock she may come round in the long term, there are few threads like this around. The way I explain thing are I dont take drugs or being drunk all the time and my baby things do not harm me unlike them. If your wife loves you she may need you to talk more about but don't push it as it can lead into more problem in your marriage. I shall be at a car show over the weekend but I'll be back sunday night. The rest of ADISC are here to help. Big hugs and will talk later.
    Hi Littleiain so good that you too enjoyed boots brumas plastic pants when you were living at home with your parents.I kept my stash of plastic pants under my bed and was very embarrassed when one day they were found fortunately nothing much was said.today I'm married and only came out to my wife a few months ago after 30 years of marriage because I did not want to continue to live a lie,however this did not go well and she said I should get rid of my plastic pants but I said if I did I couldn't guarantee not getting more so now I only wear late night when she's in bed or during the day when she's working!!.I have lately discovered arena abriform nappies which are plastic backed and feel babyish and are extremely absorbent with no leaks
    I do rememberboot's burma's which I had a few, my mum was understanding but dad was not andI was taken to go and see a someone about my babyish ways, at that time I waswearing cloth nappies (not using them) with burma’s over the top and there wereroomy and I really felt good. But now Iwear the Euron’s 24/7 some time the plastic pants (side popper) over the top ifwearing a single ( they do make me sore), but mainly I wear doubles which lastlonger and I have a bigger bum....! :grouphug:
    Hi boroughbaby, how are you? I live in sunny suffolk well when it's not raining....! were do you live?
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