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  • It a rare was only available in North Korea under the name butt rape 99.
    Uh huh... I decided to change all my accounts in ABDL communities to Nozomi... just 'cause I use Mysika where-ever and I felt like seperating them for once... most Mysika search results are mine...
    For making a Wiccan altar, there are a few things you will need. Fortunately the items are not very expensive.

    -- Candles: Gold (for the God), silver (for the goddess), red (fire), blue (water), green (earth), yellow (air).

    -- Athame: this is a small black-handled knife that has *never* touched blood.

    - Wand: This can be made of wood, stone, or metal. It's generally as long as your forearm.

    - Incense and sea salt.

    Arrange the candles on your altar as follows: God and Goddess in the middle. Arrange the others for east/air/yellow, west/water/blue, north/earth/green, and south/fire/red. You can fill one small dish with incense and another with sea salt.

    Those are the basics. My altar is pretty simple. Others are more ornate. But that should get you started.
    Nope sure don't, but its just a smiley face, memes are dumb, plenty of people have hypnotoads as their avatar and they don't get in trouble. What was yours?
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