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  • Yeah so what's your point. Did you mother teach you the golden rule ,or you just being dumb ass. Did we do anything to offend you? Get life this website where we treat with respect , or did that not come in contact with head. Look the internet needs to use wisely ot you dumb people like you . Learn what about respect before you talk it might help you in the long.
    I'm pretty sure you and I will being talking more soon.
    Stop being mean to someone you don't . Do you know MaryBush,or you just talking crap because you don't like her . She is nice everyone who she is friends to and more. What's your deal?
    I just quickly thought of a name, not thinking I would come here so often.
    Hey, Nice to meet you. While know I do not like it I think the whole thing got taken out of proportion. I pointed out a few times that I think the treatment of females is the cause for the small numbers. Though I always say that it is nice to meet new people so long as they are polite.
    Hey! It's about a family that must move into the father's aunt's big old Victorian house. It's haunted, as is the whole town. It becomes a mystery as to what is causing the town, and the entire world to turn upside down. I wanted an antithesis to the Harry Potter series, where the family is central, and together overcomes the problems presented by those who seek to upset the spiritual world. It incorporates early American history along the Barnegat Bay, and American Native history.
    I am, but it's going slowly. I used to have more time at my day job, and then they added to my schedule. The nerve of them! Anyway, it goes...whenever I get the chance. I already have over 200 pages and 70,000 words.
    Oh right... that. Yeah, don't know much about the book or nothing, and I only saw the movie once, but it's still solid advice.
    Hey you!! Get back on! I'm back!
    Man, I really want to talk to you again. I miss you so much!
    -Love, Evan <3
    Yea...that liquid chris....The real Chris is the fat should check out his youtube for some lulz. He trying to claim that he straight because he drew a picture of himself having a 4 some with 3 girls.
    The one in the brown shirt? Anyway the saga been over with for while now after Chris-Chan kidnap and ate Liquid Chris.
    You been sleeping for a long ass time then....btw have you heard of anyone name Chris-Chan before?.
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