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    MP3 Players

    I use a Zune, the 80gb version. It's pretty good actually. Used to be that the software sucked balls, but Microsoft has improved on it significantly since the first release. It's bearable now, especially if your music is sorted and tagged correctly. They've also improved on the Zune firmware and...
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    Favorite Instrumental Solos

    My favorite solo of all time has to be from the song Red House by Jimi Hendrix, particularly a live version played at the NY Pop Festival on July 17, 1970. I know you could make a whole list of just Hendrix solos, but this one really moved me because of how well it flowed. It's very emotional...
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    To what extent are diapers sexual for you, on a scale of 1 to 10?

    I voted a 7. Pretty strong turn on, but not as much as it was when I first got into diapers. The longer I had the fetish, and the more people I met who shared it, the more sides I saw to it and it became less of a sexual experience.
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    Windows Seven

    That sucks about your laptop. I guess it's common knowledge by now that Vista has had way too many problems since it was released. I'm looking forward to Windows 7 though. It seems very promising, "evolutionary not revolutionary" as they say. I hope they're able to deliver the version of...
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    Anyone afraid of storms?

    I'm not really afraid of storms, but if lightning strikes nearby I might cover my ears. Especially if it's really late at night and quiet, and I don't feel like getting rocked out of my boxers.
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    130 cats

    Jesus Christ, must be a pain to feed and clean up after that many cats. Talk about crazy cat lady :P.
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    Partial Fur Suit

    Heh, I have those slippers. They're nice and warm and fuzzy :3.
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    Show us your desktop

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    Dexterous Toes (Pedexterous)

    I can pick up stuff with my feet, never really tried doing anything else though. It's a fun little skill :3.
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    Favorite Video Game Character

    Spyro the Dragon Gex Bowser Yoshi and Jersey Devil (from the game of the same name)
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    Anyone play any intsruments?

    Guitar mostly here, though I've been considering taking up the drums for the longest time now. Especially when I learned that my dad used to play drums when he was my age and even played in a band for a while.
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    The Drink you like...

    Arizona Lemon Iced Tea for me :3
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    Favorite Album of All Time

    Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs by Derek and the Dominoes (Eric Clapton)
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    I love my bear! Who's your special plushie friend?

    My plush dragon Ord is my special plushie friend, I've had him since I was in 6th grade and he's always been by my side while I sleep. He even fits into baby diapers pretty well :D. Plus he's my favorite Dragon Tales character.
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    Huge Explosions in Toronto

    Wow, that was NUTS. I kinda lol'd when the guy in one of the liveleak videos was like "wtf? holy shit!", he even caught the shockwave on video. That is freakin' scary though. I hope nobody else was hurt.