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  • Yeah, well, I live in an appartment, too. But it's ground floor and comes with a garden ;)
    I do enjoy that, though. I get to plant flowers (which are now starting to blossom), and mowing the lawn gets me a little free exercise :)
    Oh, I imagine so! I guess that's probably the good thing about having an apartment, no lawn to upkeep. There are pro's and con's to everything though, I would assume. :) I'm glad to hear you are liking the vibe here around ADISC, and I'm glad that you were kind and understanding about the intro. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond, I appreciate it.
    You don't need to make anything up to me :)
    Enjoying my time here? Yes, I've read some interesting threads. I haven't had much time lately, but you know how it goes. Summer is finally beginning and there's a lot of yard work to be done ;)
    Hey there, I missed re-replying on your introduction but it was so kind of you to reply to me. I'll have to make it up to you. You seem so great after all. How have you been enjoying your time here on ADISC the last three weeks?
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