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  • Ya. To be honest, a girl told me she had a crush on me when I was in HS. Due to being confused about... stuff I turned her down, quite clearly. I'm sometimes wondering is that was a mistake or not :S
    Mhm, welcome to the club then :p

    (Sexuality sure is a confusing thing ><)
    The only issue with that was it was actually inaccurate, and used to portray the fall of GLaDOS- 'cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds'.
    Dude, rule one, when it comes to Portal, I know just about everything. Including Stephan Merchant's voice talent and the unused line "A man with a briefcase was looking for you."
    lol no problem, if you have any other questions like that dun be afraid to stop by, my browser is usually loaded with bookmarks like that :p
    Hey there Boch, just stoping by to give ya the link to babypants amazon store front ya asked for :), lemmie know if they don't have what you want, cuz they also have an ebay store front as well(which is where I ordered my stuff and they may have different listing *shrugs* it's always worth a shot taking a look, but anyway here ya go) ~ Stunner Baby Pants - Health & Personal Care
    Ya, that's what I've heard. A friend of mine used to play WoW and it nearly took over his life. He ended up quitting because his grades had fallen quite a bit, tough he did join back a few months later (and managed to actually limit his playing time to a reasonable level).

    Another friend of mine claims that the only reason he doesn't have WoW is that "if I did, my GPA would probably end up under 1". The worst part is, I believe him...
    No, I'm not into WoW. I just don't have the attention span for a non free-to-play MMO.
    Its a funny thing, but most people that know what Azeroth is tend to like computers on some level ^^. Wonder why...
    Try underjams! The boy version L/XL would fit
    it fits my waist and size even though I am 110lbs and the limit is 85 ;)

    Or, have you looked at the wiki? with the diaper reviews? Category:Diaper reviews - ADISC Wiki
    What is it you are looking for? :)
    Well, I am a 25 in waist but it wear the diaper on my hips so can fit to a 35 i suppose.
    But, it strains my poor skin alot :(
    Yeah Pampers co. as a whole just absorbs more.
    I'm wearing underjams now. They absorb twice as much as a diaper ;)
    Ohhhh... Yeah it's just a random person, I don't think it's an actual character. :p
    Yeah! It's Mew! :D
    All my avatars feature Mew, although I haven't changed it in a while.
    I love Mew. :D
    Sweet, unfortunately I am not a fan of the Halo series, it never really appealed to me. But that does sound pretty freaking sweet
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