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    Anyone into disabled/special needs play? Or wannabe?

    I like wearing special needs helmets...
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    Availability of quality diaper brands in the UK

    I would recommend Drylife slips. They are relatively cheap to buy but they are really good nappies... Cheapest place to find this is Dorset nursing supplies..
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    Being allowed to wear diapers as a kid/teen?

    I was allowed to wear incontinence nappies every night from age 11 to 17. Not for incontinence reasons but out of choice. When I was 11 I moved to a new foster family a couple of months before I started a special needs secondary school... At school their was a boy who was incontinent and I...
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    Keeping bladder open/relaxed leading to urge incontinence?

    I think it depends. If a person can wet at the slightest urge and not automatically clench their sphincter they must be well practiced with wearing nappies and wetting at the slightest urge and not clenching. It takes a lot of training to get to this stage. I spent 7 months 24/7.. living an...
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    Do you apply for vat exemption when not incontinent?

    I never pay VAT. I have a chronic disability called Schizoaffective disorder. The antipsychotics can cause incontinence. All the times I have purchased incontinence nappies from either nappiesRus or Dorsetnursing supplies I have always ended schizoaffective disorder and never had any problems...
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    Drinking in diapers

    I dislike drinking alcohol while wearing nappies. Drinking means flooding, even a booster isn't going to be good as the majority of pee will saturate th front of the nappies, meaning leaky nappies. BorderCityDL, Do you wet at the slightest urge?
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    Okay, which one of you is selling these?

    I tend to agree. I know when I'm in a binge I purchase cases and cases of nappies of the same brand and when binge is over I have to sell as I've got no room to keep them.
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    Beware of Collarspace almost was found out!

    I've had a some scrape with so called friend who knows about my love of nappy wearing. After falling out when drunk one night, the next morning he tried expose me on a local fb selling site, my picture included with a mention I wear nappies.... Thankfully I blocked him on my fb that night so...
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    Anyone into disabled/special needs play? Or wannabe?

    I like disability play. I like to pretend I have a severe intellectual disability. This includes adult bibs, medical incontinence nappies and my leather special needs helmet. I like head banging and repetitive rocking. Its just role play, I don't think its offensive to people with intellectual...
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    Ways to reduce cost of diapers

    Are nappies/diapers more expensive in the states? I'm from England and don't find nappies that expensive. I'm not talking about AB nappies - only incontinence nappies. I can get 4 cases (3 packs of 15 per case) of Drylife Slip Super, large, total 240 nappies for £107.52 ($131.00 - USD) and that...
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    China Tariffs coming September 1 on Diapers and Underpads

    I'm glad my nappies are made in the EU. I'm not worried about Brexit, I think that'll iron itself pretty soon.
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    Alot money on adult baby style

    I'm financially secure. I don't go without nappies when I want them.
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    When and how did you discover that adult nappies existed?

    In 1997 when first knew about adult incontinence pads/nappies. I was 11 years old. I just started a special needs secondary school. I was using the disabled toilet in the portacabin with classrooms attached. In the disabled toilets there was an old doctors/dentist bench, a yellow clinical waste...
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    Abena UK Delivery Time

    Drylife slips are excellent and real value for money.
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    adult wipes?

    I like iD care wet wipes. They have a lovely clinical smell.