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    Started out as a DL, and now Incontinence problems.

    I've been binging with nappies for 17 years going long periods 24/7. It certainly has had an impact on my continence.
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    Wearing too much, Is it a bad thing?

    The worst negative I think about going 24/7 is that it's going to restrict me going on holiday/vacation for months at a time... I want to go backpacking and wouldn't be able to carry a weeks worth of nappies, that equals 28 nappies so two packages a week plus extra for emergency. I could rent...
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    Abena M4s Suck

    Molicare Slip Maxi's are my absolute favourite nappy. It's my everyday nappy. I've been wearing them for so long it doesn't feel like I'm wearing a nappy anymore. I'm not incontinent but wet in drips and dribbles throughout the day and these hold up for 4/5 hours very well without leaking, they...
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    Wearing too much, Is it a bad thing?

    I been doing it this way for quite awhile, never at a UTI in my life.
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    Wearing too much, Is it a bad thing?

    Thing is when I’m in a binge I try and simulate IC for prolonged periods. I can’t find the right balance with wearing, it’s either all or nothing. I experience bladder flutters/spasms. Weak stream when using toilet, post dribble. I also have weak erections. I know my pelvic area is weaker. I...
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    Wearing too much, Is it a bad thing?

    I've been going long periods wearing my nappies 24/7 and peeing at the slightest urge and not clenching. This is a binge/purge cycle and when I'm in a purge its takes a while to readjust my to wearing underwear again and not having to use the toilet every 20 minutes, also I have to concentrate...
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    ID expert slip Small - medium?

    I don't know about ID nappies (I always thought the clothe back version was shite anyhow)... But the plastic backed Drylife Super and Drylide XPLus are very good nappies and I've not noticed any taps ripping.....I always thought they were good value for money...
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    ID expert slip Small - medium?

    If you haven't tried Molicare Slip Maxi, you should give them a try. These are my favourite medical nappy. They are very comfortable, soft plastic backing and soft pulp that wick well, also they are brilliant at containing bowel movements. I have been wearing the Drylife XPlus ( Abena L4) for...
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    Partner attracted to incontinence

    I have a strong attraction to incontinence but more me being the incontinent person. I would love somebody to make me incontinent.
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    18 - need new regular nappy

    I second Drylife Slip Super..
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    Drylife Slip XPlus

    They are indeed awesome nappies. I love them.
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    Abena M4 resurrection

    Does this mean the m4/L4 that Drylife are packaging won't be around for when they've got rid of the overstock?
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    Incontinence play - how easy is it for you to cough and release urine?

    I really know this.. I'm conflicted about incontinence. I can't stop myself from wearing, the desire to be IC is so strong bit I'm unsure if I want to be IC... Sometimes I don't want to wear at bedtime but I find myself going to the toilet 2/3 times in the night and only peeing small amounts...
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    Incontinence play - how easy is it for you to cough and release urine?

    Or do you automatically clench your sphincter when coughing? When I cough I pee with more force without the clench reflex. I am continent but since wearing I'm starting to simulate stress/urge IC really well... When my bladder gets a quarter full I get the nagging feeling to need to pee...