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  • Well, still isn't pretty regarding payments over the summer, housing is payed per quarter in advanced as is uni. That's 2 1000 pound payments very quickly after eachother
    I know the feeling but thankfully I just found 700 lying around so I should just make it.
    We'll see how it goes, worst case I'll call my parents. Though I hate doing that.
    Yea, I know about those types of whoes, accomodation wants my money quarterly...... so not sure how that's going to work out.
    Yep, MINE! Funny how new British coins were for me back then while I use them daily now.
    I do hope to meet again. And everyone was much more different than expected.
    It was nice meeting you tho, had allot of fun at the meet :)
    hehe hell yeah but keep quiet about that :3
    Hey man, good to see you back, still never appearing online to me. Drop me a line on MSN when you're on :)
    i'm sorry your year isn't going as well as it could. years can be turned around, though, with a little effort. good luck finding a job -- those tend to help.
    i've had pneumonia, and i'm still struggling to recover from it, but other than that i'm fine. what about yourself?
    I split it by channel, and it didn't give me the individual clips. It only gave me long slivers where I had previously put the clips.

    I don't use it either, but I thought I would be able to undo it. But strangely I couldn't! I was fiddling around and it kill't me. And I liked that song, too! >_<

    Thanks anyway. I'll try and recreate it by ear.

    I took a screenshot. Tell me if you need more information. All I want to do is undo this. :S

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