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    Noticed your avatar, gotta say, its nice to see a LDM fan elsewhere beside deviantArt. :D
    Hiya I love your avatar and profile picture very very cute ^_^

    Also welcome to ADISC hehe even if it is a little late :)
    Lots and lots of rock. Along with alt., hard rock, metal, and everything but mainstream rap and country. You?
    Cool. They don't know why I'm sick. They have run countless tests, took 14 vials of blood, and I've been sick for 6 weeks now. That's not a typo, 6 weeks.
    Hey! I've been playing for about 2 years, but recently I've been to sick to play. My kit is a 5 drum pacific. You?
    Your Welcome, if you need anything i'm here to help. Oh yeah, if theres anything you want to know about me then feel free to ask. I like to get aquainted with people. =]
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