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    saveexpress' bad reviews

    I've been ordering from them since the late 00's. The website was online far earlier than that, I remember finding it as a kid. Never had a problem. Orders always complete and well packaged and delivered swiftly even using economy delivery option. The few times I've asked them a question they...
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    ID expert slip Small - medium?

    I wouldn't say they were a budget brand, they have several levels just like any medical brand - Tena, Abena, Molicare etc. The iDSlip Expert PE backed was a great product that performed better than Molicare or Abena M4 at the time. As usual they discontinued it and made changes etc and now its...
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    ID expert slip Small - medium?

    This. I love them for a while, they started thin but swelled up and held way more than an Abena M4 or Tena Slip Maxi. Really comfortable to wear too. Such a shame they ruined them. I don't think small would fit you OP, I'm around 30" waist and need medium.
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    Abena M4s Suck

    The hype is because around 15 years ago they were the best on the market. They were called X-PLUS and there were no ABDL diapers. Since then they have gone through cost cutting measures several times making them thinner and worse and the clumping occurring and were renamed M4. Also many ABDL...
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    Recommendations in the UK

    You could try Save Express - they've been going far longer than pretty much all the competition and have a huge range. They're in Germany but never had an issue with shipping to UK using them. ABU have their own UK warehouse and operation. Incontinence Choice and Incontinence Shop for medical...
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    Wholesale diapers?

    You could if you want wholesale quantities. If you think you are going to be getting the same thickness and quality as ABU / Rearz / Tykables etc just because they're using a picture of those companies products you are in for a BIG shock.
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    I'd guess you can get the answers to all those questions by emailing them, and they are the only people who will know the correct answer. They restock more than once a year from what I've seen.
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    Adult changing tables
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    BetterDry leak guard seam issue

    It's the baby oil. Never happens to me and I use them loads. I just use a tiny bit of powder.
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    Nappy disposals in Hotel

    I can easily fit a betterdry or ABU in the baby ones boots and the UK supermarkets stock. Just fold it tight. No cheap disposable plastic carrier bags in Europe for a while now. Better for the environment, not that disposed of diapers are particularly good for it.
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    Nappy disposals in Hotel

    Diaper disposable bags (adult diapers fit in baby ones but there are adult ones too) and then the bin in the bathroom. Easy.
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    Abena m4 reviews

    A long time ago they were a great product. They cut the quality several times, and better products entered the market. Dont buy them.
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    Abu diapers discount

    I doubt it. Considering demand is constantly higher than supply they would be foolish to be offering discounts!
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    Availability of quality diaper brands in the UK

    Because they are garbage. Try an ABU or Rearz product, Betterdy, even an Abena M4 which is also terrible now but still far superior to Attends and you will see.