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    The inco shop and Nappies 'R' us....

    Ask them? How are we meant to know? I've emailed them when products I wanted were out of stock before, they reply really promptly.
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    What are the drynites alternatives in the UK?

    Well no, kids pullups aren't ever going to fit an adult.
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    No way, I loved the original X-PLUS but all these cost cutting measures ruined them. It just ends up a clumpy mess of a diaper.
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    NRU Get Nappied diapers

    Probably China, the same machines as all the other AB diapers. If you want all white why not Drylife Slip, Betterdry, ABU Simple, ABU Simple Ultra? If blue is OK then Formacare Slip. All much, much better than the Abena M4.
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    There are so many MUCH better products out there, no need to worry.
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    Drylife Slip

    VERY similar to the old iDSlip Expert Super PE Backed, I think it comes off the same line. Swell quite a bit and can hold a lot. They are still a lot thinner than Betterdry or ABU products though.
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    FormaCare X-PLUS maybe? Betterdry are thicker than the Abena M4, I much prefer them but then anything is better than the M4.
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    Ordering from manufacturers

    Shipping to where? Diapers are large, bulky and heavy and that means they cost money to ship. It's never free, it would just be factored into in the cost of the product.
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    Abena L4 Slip - What’s Happened?!

    Several rounds of cost cutting over the years have made them garbage, don't waste your money. The X-PLUS was a great product. Same with the ID Slip mentioned above, they had a fantastic PE backed version and ruined it.
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    Tesco now stocking youth nappies

    We did a thread on this at the time didn't we? The reason you don't see aisles in supermarkets with these products and never will is that a lot of people who need them are entitled to them under the NHS prescription system. Any pharmacy can order them.
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    Uk price.

    The original version of Cuddlz cost £19.99 for 16 in early 2010, plus £6 delivery according to a receipt in my inbox. They were not as good as the current ABU or Rearz offerings. Could have got a lot more Tena Slip or Abena M4 for my money but was curious.
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    I love mine too. It's amazing how much they stretch. It can be a bit tight around the neck but I don't want to go up a size as it's meant to be tight everywhere.
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    ID Slip PE

    The PE backed ones? Never had one rip on me and they were my go to for a few years. They never used to clump until my last few bags either. Thin compared to a betterdry or ABDL diaper but held so much and no leaks. So sad they ruined them :(
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    ID Slip PE

    In Europe they 'improved' them a year or two ago by replacing the sides with breathable material, and most stockists stopped stocking them as they were far worse. Not sure what the situation with the version exported to the USA is as they didn't have any of the prints on them, have you emailed...
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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

    It's beyond ridiculous.....