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    Uk price.

    The original version of Cuddlz cost £19.99 for 16 in early 2010, plus £6 delivery according to a receipt in my inbox. They were not as good as the current ABU or Rearz offerings. Could have got a lot more Tena Slip or Abena M4 for my money but was curious.
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    Little Keeper Sleeper

    I love mine too. It's amazing how much they stretch. It can be a bit tight around the neck but I don't want to go up a size as it's meant to be tight everywhere.
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    ID Slip PE

    The PE backed ones? Never had one rip on me and they were my go to for a few years. They never used to clump until my last few bags either. Thin compared to a betterdry or ABDL diaper but held so much and no leaks. So sad they ruined them :(
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    ID Slip PE

    In Europe they 'improved' them a year or two ago by replacing the sides with breathable material, and most stockists stopped stocking them as they were far worse. Not sure what the situation with the version exported to the USA is as they didn't have any of the prints on them, have you emailed...
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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

    It's beyond ridiculous.....
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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

    Where are they supposed to magic this extra capacity on the production lines and warehouses from? Some of you seem to think Casey just sit's there doing nothing all day and isn't aware of these issues. There's more to business than what you learnt at school.
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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

    You clearly didn't read it, as they state there is no more capacity. So what's a solution to that? They could offer the factories more money to do their runs instead of the other orders they have, get more warehouses, prices double to support this and everyone's on here moaning. Maybe he...
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    Something about M4

    They were my go to 10+ years ago Not even useable now. So sad :(
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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

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    Idea for ABU's stocking situation

    Why do you think you have insider knowledge of the way ABU operates? This is clearly speculation rather than fact.
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    bringing diapers to the masses: Endgame

    Nobody who isn't into ABDL or wears diapers for medical need is going to go and buy Rearz or ABU diapers just for this movie. It's also not the first movie that's run for 3 hours in a cinema, I can think of quite a few off the top of my head and there must be plenty more.
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    Boots StayDry Slips M/L

    Dont waste your money. The whole range is AWFUL and always has been.
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    Worst "premium" diaper you've tried?

    The current Abena M4. It's not useable. Such a shame when the X-PLUS was such a great product. Regarding tapes and rearz its a tough one as everyone body is different, Rearz tape positions work well for me.
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    Abena M4s

    Nope, been around for ever. Unlike Abena they've kept them the same too, no horrible rounds of cost cutting over the years. They're more a European brand I suspect.
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    Why ABU still out of stock on S/M size

    They've posted before that they struggle to meet demand, using all the capacity they have access too. If you want to know when things might be back in stock email them.