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    Nappies R Us black Friday sale

    Quite a bit with a discount, including tykables and a lot of the clothing. I've spent far too much money this month though and still have christmas stuff to buy, so im out. Got enough Betterdry to keep me going.
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    best diaper thats cheap?

    Best and cheap rarely if ever go together. Abena M4's are OK, but not good. 15 years ago the X-PLUS was a good product but so many rounds of quality cuts have ruined it.
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    Are Attends Slip Regular Plus 10 good Daiper?

    Not really. no. They're the best of the Attends range but there are so many better products out there.
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    UK people: do you think Tesco should do adult size nappies?

    Nope, and there is 100% not a market or the supermarkets would already be doing it. People with genuine incontinence will be getting their products through the NHS on prescription. The tiny bit of the IC market not covered by this get theirs from mobility stores or online like us. Lidl tried...
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    Amazon Delivery Caution!

    Amazon is a pretty poor choice generally in the UK for a lot of things, but particularly adult diapers. You get much larger choice, better prices and discretion advised if you use one of the specialists.
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    Wearing Diapers at the airport.

    Never had a problem. Pre Covid I travelled loads and never had an issue at customs anywhere, ever. Unless they think you're importing something you shouldn't be you're unlikely to even know they're there. More likely to get searched by security going landside to airside but I've worn through...
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    bodysuit wicking

    Another vote for it's too tight here, as Joediaper said above it's preventing it from absorbing everything.
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    Shipping in Europe

    I don't think there's an easy answer to your question, DHL, Fedex, DPD etc all huge but beat up boxes is surely down to the staff and handling process along the way? I would recommend you look at Save Express, they're German based and probably one of if not the oldest supplier of huge range of...
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    Drylife XPlus Quality Change?

    Betterdry, or the ABU range. You wont want to go back after trying these.
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    UK plastic backed nappies, So much choice.

    Betterdry. They are 100% not overkill. Email NRU and ask when they'll be back in stock. FWIW I've tried the iDSlip Expert Super PE backed and the Drylife Super Slip side by side and I think there are subtle difference, although it's clearly off the same line and to similar specs. I preferred...
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    Abena M4s Suck

    They're really not when compared to any of the better medical diapers or ABDL diapers available here. They were thick a long time ago.
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    Importing supplies

    VAT doesn't apply to incontinence products for personal use if you need them (you'll have been asked to opt in or out on NRU or any of the incontinence stores). 'Customs' isn't a thing you have to pay for, I assume you mean Duty? Duty isn't eligible until you spend £135 so seems unlikely it...
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    New NRU Showroom

    I've never been but I am on the mailing list for NRU, they are all 100% aware of ABDL. It's the ABDL side of the business! The NRU showroom is not a replacement of the old Incontinence Shop showroom which is not ABDL and is also going to reopen. All of this is clear on their site...
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    New Onesie Company Looking for Feedback

    I'd love to see a modern replacement for the old Abena plain white vest style onesies. Comfortable, reasonably priced, held diaper snugly in place but not too tight.
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    Abena M4 still good?

    They're definitely a lot worse than they were in the mid 00's, it isn't just comparing them to what we have now. The X-PLUS years were their glory days.