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  • hey its david,from california, from back when we were in high school, when i was babyDavid here on adisc before all under 18's were expelled from here. i got caught and lost the phone and email addresses, which is why i disappeared, but im back here now, im glad you came back too. email me at the new address and we'll catch up. so much has happened since then.
    yeah i heard necro was good but meh not a real fan of rap or hip-hop ... i dispise hip-hop
    i hate hardcore >_< crap is discusting i hate the vocals =/ ... im a vocalist for a friends band, but i listen to tech n9ne, icp, wu-tang and like 2 other rap groups
    ugh i dont really like dubstep or alternative... ill listen to some techno but mostly house
    Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder, Carnifex, Salt the Wound, Killswitch Engage, Disturbed... uhm some others but those are the ones i listen to most oh and Mastodon
    thats cool what kinda music? i wish i could do that haha my dad likes the exact opposite of what i like haha
    Hey there friend! I see chur picture is Skwissgar :D
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