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    Babyfur Con 2020

    How would things go for the camera shy?
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    Favorite Disney movie!

    But Thor is still a Disney princess, right?
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    Chasity cage cage questions

    Mixing diapers and chastity devices can be an interesting experience, but should be done with some care. For example, if you get a large cage, hiding it and a diaper under clothing will be difficult. If you get a particularly short cage, your penis might not line up with the hole, or the diaper...
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    Has anybody here seen a psychiatrist/psychologist due to being ABDL?

    It isn't clear how far back paraphilic infantilism goes. Some old examples were highlighted in Stekel's "Patterns of Psychosexual Infantilism" because of a superficial overlap between the two infantilisms. Depending on the specific definition used, it might go back much further. (Diaper...
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    What Is Origin Cause Of ABDL Fantasies/Appeal Of Nappies to ABDL's Do You Think?

    Thank you for your kind words. I'm honored. Sorry that I seem to have missed one relevant part of the discussion. Clearly, many ABDL stories focus on the infantile identity as opposed to some external partner. Some do so sexually (although if intercourse, ejaculation, etc., are absent, the...
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    What Is Origin Cause Of ABDL Fantasies/Appeal Of Nappies to ABDL's Do You Think?

    The text in the Oxford Textbook of Pathology could be clearer. It might be helpful to also consider Freund and Blanchard (1993). In it, they contrast two small samples with regressive interests. The first group included pedophilies who's regressive interests were due to ETII - the authors argued...
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    Diaper Addiction

    Actually, if you are fitting in baby diapers and not using regularly, you might be able to get some cloth diapers and pins inexpensively from a local babies R us. If not wetting, leaks and laundry become much less of a problem. They might not fully replace disposables, but they might provide...
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    Survey help please

    Excellent! Infantilism is often misunderstood, and too often confounded with other conditions. It is great to see interest in better understanding the AB/DL community. I'll set aside time tonight to take the survey. Is there some other way that I can help? Actually, it is infantilism.ORG...
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    It was a great movie, and there are many aspects that could bear discussion (especially for AB/DLs and babyfurs), but that might involve spoilers. Perhaps a discussion behind a spoiler warning would be a good idea?
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    "Official" Age-Play/ABDL "Pride" merchandize

    There is some debate about the specifics, but most seem to agree that Mako was in the middle of the process.
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    Shaving Body Hair

    After researching and testing out a number of options, I settled on a Norelco Bodygroom. I haven't tried the latest one, but the prior two models both worked well (I lost one). In particular, restarting after a long period without trimming might only require some scissor trimming of the longer...
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    Possible project/survey I would like to do.

    @Tyger; Thanks for the PM. I've been busy with a few things and so can't keep up with all the forum discussions. Email is usually the best way to reach me. The first two questions might be an interesting part to a larger survey. Perhaps they could be combined into a broader study. I'd omit...
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    Very interesting study

    @babylea, That paper isn't ringing a bell for me, but seems worth finding. Can you remember anything else about it?
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    Very interesting study

    Dr. Lipscomb's dissertation is also available as html:
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    rewriting the AB/DL Primer now that the world has changed

    Thanks for all the helpful comments! The new primer is up, and much improved thanks to your help.