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    Just wanted to say hi and hope your holidays were good.

    I got my brother addicted to Continuum. He says it's a real mindf**k. How'd your father like it? I finally got a little down time from work and got the dvd series of Orphan Black. Watched all ten episodes over the space of a week. I LOVE THIS SHOW! It starts off with a woman in a subway station who sees a woman who looks exactly like her. The other woman commits suicide throwing herself in front of an oncoming train. The first woman steals her purse, steals her identity and discovers there are others exactly like her. It turns out they are clones and someone is killing them off. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

    Pretty interesting threads lately, huh? Just when the Duck Dynasty debate was winding down (hopefully) we're at it again with the "Christ Can Help." . I wish people could have been more tolerant until they had all the facts. Some of those posts were really narrow-minded right from the start.
    That is so great!!! I'm heading out to see some family for Christmas in a few hours. I was telling my brother about the show and he just started watching it so I can't wait to discuss it with him. Hope things are going well with you. Stay in touch.
    Just wanted to let you know I am reading your blog, you just have comments disabled, otherwise I would try to think of a nice comment to every one. Still, you do have a reader!
    I was reading your blog and I was surprised about something.. I mean, it makes sense that you would close down ADISC out of embarassment.. but What's wrong with some super hero action!? All the girls are all in love with Avengers these days too, because of cute guys and all.. you don't have to hide that. Hehe.

    Also, I'm a super huge Power Pack fan. So I guess I wanted to comment anyway. ^_^
    YES CAKE BOSS! I just think it's annoying how Buddy always brags.. XD
    Hey! Thanks, you're advise is helping me and it feel's great that i have people behind me! Thanks again!
    What up man ^^ Hello, saw ya forum post not seen a person ask for friends before but there ya go.
    So if you wanna talk either send me a PM (Once you a EC) or Post on my wall (If you can, can't remember what the ranks allow)
    ^^ Have a good day
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