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    part time diaper users question

    So not all of us can wear 24/7 though I am sure we would like to, so just curious does anyone else just wet themselves in their chosen pants/panties, for me if I can't wear a diaper long enough to fully utilize it then the next best thing is to at least wet what I am wearing, I just can't seem...
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    How to stop sexual feelings with diapers?

    not sure there is a difference in getting off in a wet or messy diaper, silk panties, rubber shorts plastic thong etc. We all have our own turn ons whether we like it or not. Like all of those who tried not to enjoy diapers because of the guilt feeling as has been said many times, it's part of...
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    Training pants

    yes unless you are at home, I guess they are really for small leaks and do not have the absorption of a regular diaper though. So if out you can leak a little but I would feel them out first. I let go freely but am at home where it doesn't matter. If I wear out then I just enjoy the feel of wearing
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    Training pants

    mine tend to pretty much leak right away, they are not waterproof but do hold quite a bit. If you need them not to give a wet spot then try wetting a little at a time until you figure out the capacity. Even then they will wick the pee to the outside and you will get wet patches on your clothes...
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    Shaving downstairs.

    definitely shave sometimes my whole body especially for summer makes cleanup a lot easier, practice on the down under definitely prevents very painful nicks though ahhhhhh the lives we lead
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    Diaper or toilet for pooping?

    using your diaper or panties is always fun, but time and cleanup and spouses who don't enjoy it are a limiting factor so for me a little planning on the days events are essential
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    Easiest way to clean yourself

    Eva do you ever have any squish out and if so how do you deal with it?
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    24/7 confi dry

    have used confidry for a while but yesterday they sprung a leak , thin going on and usually great absorbency, maybe I peed to much
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    What diaper is right for me?

    get a big tube and a funnel, run it down your front into your diaper and put the shower head into the funnel for filling, then you can have warm water filling your diaper till it reaches your desire, Order a megamax they will fill and fill...Northshore care... got to order online anyway if you...
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    Northshore, great company!

    a great company, they were kind enough to send samples of 2 sizes of megamax to me, I was about to order a case till s$$t hit the fan and I am trying to get back on top as I am dying to order a case as soon as I can although I feel like a schmuck as I am sure it seems I was milking their...
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    Starting School in Nappies

    true that and they educate the kids on exactly what abuse might be. Not much hope for reality, no wonder kids expect the silver spoon or they play the victim card( as taught) Will it ever end?
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    Starting School in Nappies

    parents increasingly it seems for some liberal reason expect the state to do their job. I guess real parenting has gone out the window in case of CPS involvement, and there goes society. whether you like it or not it seems whatever you do as a parent has someone who will complain.... what ever...
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    Are early memories involving diapers linked to wearing in adulthood?

    I have no memory of being diapered, although I do remember cloth diapers in buckets. However I do for some reason remember and still have a fondness for plastic pants …..ok an obsession, I do remember being checked if I had wet my y fronts so I guess I was toilet trained early I really don't...
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    Were you spanked as a child

    It's a matter of situation and appropriatness ( if that's a word). Is a spanking one or 50 smacks. is it with the hand or a paddle/belt. does the crime fit the punishment. Now Kids have a lot more cps protection which is bullshit, they can cry foul and are encouraged to cry foul at the drop of a...
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    Rearz added a bit extra in todays shipment!

    let them know I'm sure they will make it right, I would.