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    Best place for ABDL clothing

    ebay has all kinds of stuff, etsy has given some some problems though there is also some good stuff there, just type abdl see what comes up
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    If you could only use two sentences to describe the question, “Why do you like diapers?”

    sorry hit the wrong button , aannd they are regressive as a stress reliever to help put me in a space that is right, life gets jacked up sometimes but it still goes on do find a relief, these work for me
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    If you could only use two sentences to describe the question, “Why do you like diapers?”

    they are like a natural underwear that you can use to take you back to a comforting place
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    First pacifier in a while

    Just use warm soapy water, do not boil, hope you enjoy it, I find mine very relaxing
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    Plastic Pants

    I have quite variety and am always looking for new ones to try, I agree the HAIAN feel good and are a great price, not very noisy though if that's an issue
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    Anyone familiar with Etsy?

    Please let us know how it works out
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    Anyone familiar with Etsy?

    ask for your money back, etsy will tell you a shipping label was created but that doesn't mean it got sent, that is way to long for us shipment and if the page is gone there is a red flag, However I believe etsy holds your money till delivery so you should be ok
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    Going out in public with exposed diaper

    that's just a hazard of the situation, however it's not like you are going out in a diaper and silky bra and using your diaper for all to see, you at least have a little discretion, Happy new year to you
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    Northshore free shipping?

    It's like anything, you pay for what you get. You have a choice to buy cheaper but you know what you will get. You can't compare the cost of a Rolls Royce to a Kia, they both have wheels and drive down the road A-B but the question is how do you want to get there. Walmart wrenches to Snap-on...
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    Going out in public with exposed diaper

    I am not sure society is as yet accepting of adults in diapers, it's still kind off taboo, although being more represented. Although the thrill is there future repercussions could be an issue. I am sure we would all like to be free to wear unhindered, but that unfortunately is not the current...
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    My new favorite diaper! Diaper Review

    megamax is on point, capacity is crazy and I agree feel great when full, love them
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    I need EMERGENCY paci help !!!

    that looks like a decorated basic blue paci, they are not that expensive and you can use it as a parts donor just be gentle when removing the ring, check ebay
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    Merry Christmas one and all

    I have been on the forum for a little while now and want to thank you all for some informative, insightful and funny posts, may you all have a wonderful holiday and a fantastic new year, l look forward to another great year of input and information and laughs, thank you all
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    Northshore free shipping?

    Yep, They could increase the cost per item and then offer free shipping as has been previuosly said, aint no free lunch. They are a great company who look after their customers well but they are not a charity and have to make a living as well, at least they don't ream you on the shipping, and...
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    Is it just me or is this obvious?

    I am not ic but I think there are certain individuals who will use any venu they find to give themselves exposure