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  • thanks for the kinds words, It's great to meet you. I have spent at least 10 years of my life thinking im the only person in the world who had these thoughts hehe

    to ruin your fun of trying to find the author, it's Roald Dahl
    I just reported you for saying the cardinals won lol. Yeah i cant wear as often as i want. I had to throw away my diapers a couple of months ago cuz my parents threatened to throw all my stuff away so i put all my diapers in a plastic bag and threw them into the woods near my house :(. Once i get my car in May i should be able to keep them in there. Wait are you out on your own?
    Yeah but the steelers won the superbowl!!! Ha ha! lol
    Im here because im a tb/dl. Im only 16 so not technically an ab yet lol. Oh and im bi and transgendered. You?
    *Gasp!!!* Not a steelers fan?! Blasphemy!! lol Im diehard steelers but i hate pittsburg :p. I want to move more into the country.
    Thats cool do you know Ryan off of The Real World lol. Im actually on the other side of PA near pittsburg. You smart kid me dumb lol. Im not exactly a scholar lol.
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