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    I was here? Yeah, miss your posts!
    I know it may not mean as much to you as it does to me but....WE WON! We both won the ADISC Member award for most detailed posts! Yay!
    Hi, We seem to be in the same part of the world. I'm not quite sure how I missed that.
    Hey I just got through reading the "ask the atheist" thread. It's a shame it got shut down.
    Long while ago but I did read your reply about agnostic atheistism. Thanks it was quite awesome.
    My job at the company I'm currently at? Maybe - it's a good company that is run well. My job at another company? Probably not. Most companies don't see enough importance in properly securing their stuff, so their security teams tend to be overworked, underpaid and treated like rent-a-cops. That is, if they even have security teams. A lot of companies just dump security on some other group in IT and call it a day, and sometimes go with ACTUAL rent-a-cops (or worse, completely neglecting physical security).
    Heh, no problem. It annoys me, too. Once had a fundy say I was used the logical fallacy of "defending the undefensable". I had used the term "logical fallacy" with him a couple times and I think he started to think it meant "argument I don't like".
    Seriously, you are the man! Thank you for calling out the fallacy comments, it peeves me hen people don't know what a fallacy is and use the word to sound smart.
    Hmm, bgi39jsjw0ggg has not received any visitor messages!! I guess it won't say that anymore!! **giggle** ^_^

    Your user name is very unique, b.t.w.!! How did you come up with it?
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