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  • Wow so I realize it has been 2 years from when you messaged me...I just found this in my old mail. I never recalled seeing it in the first place. I live in South San Jose off Blossom Hill Road near Snell.

    Hope to talk to you sometime.
    Dude, do you really live in San Jose? Holy crap. Thats like, where all the furriez live in this state O _ o
    Oh, cool! But that's not where I got my name. I wanted something anonymous that I'd still remember for a username, and my computers name is HP Pavilion Entertainment PC. Lol.
    hey dude, I can't message u since I'm still a newbie on here, so yea, here's my youtube url: YouTube - NolantheClown's Channel

    Most of the recent vids from the past year are from all the shows I've been to, but if u go back even further, u'll find my old stupid vids that made me a hometown hero/clown/retard/whatever. u can add me on there, I'll accept
    I need webs that have diaper punishment so that I can watch on my phone as if I watch from my com, my parents will know. Thanks beta
    We've had to endure much, you and I, but soon there will be order again, a new age. Aquinas spoke of the mythical City on the Hill. Soon that city will be a reality, and we will be crowned its kings.

    Or better than kings.
    Betagame, how are you? I hope things are going well for you!! **hugs**
    You know; NWO is not real right?
    I used to believe that crap... until I took Mass Media Classes, Art Classes, and Psychology.
    The answer is quite simple:
    Companies use logos that invoke human emotions, thus they use eyes... or facist symbols. This makes their logo easy to remember, attractive to a viewer, and intimidating.
    The Free Masons have been around since the Romans, and is easy to get into.

    Satan isn't real...

    Why would the founding fathers create a nation, that allows people to live free with this "grand scheme" to take that away?
    You have the right to own a firearm to keep the GOVERNMENT at bay.
    Just so you know, if someone has been away for a while, they lose regular status. All they have to do is post, and it comes back in a few hours.
    I notice you've come a long way from when you first joined, congrats to being a positively contributing member of the society.
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