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    ABDL Wattpad account got deleted

    No worries. Thx for your help.
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    ABDL Wattpad account got deleted

    I actually do. But cuz sometimes I edited my work on Wattpad, my back-up isnt that up-to-date. Considering Wattpad's delete-without-warning policy, I think I should find somewhere else to publish my work. Any suggestion?
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    ABDL Wattpad account got deleted

    I didnt know this before. I do know they can remove any content but not the entire account. I think it's a bit unfair for them to do this to people without giving any reason. :(((
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    Would you be a diaper model?

    I love the idea of being a diaper model! I could show anything except for my face.
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    ABDL Wattpad account got deleted

    I used to be a writer on I posted several ABDL stories there and received much support from ABDL people on the platform. I had had my account for almost two years and only a few days ago that I noticed something was wrong. I was trying to log in and couldn't and googling my...
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    I just realize that many stores in the UK are running out of Crinklz. I wonder if this means that the company is going out of business or they stop producing this line of diapers. Does anyone know anything about this? Alternatively, if you know, please let me know where I can buy these...
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    Diaper punishment

    he doesnt really know what he can do, so I am trying as a good boy to help him :)
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    Diaper punishment

    Recently, I just have my own daddy and I have been a very bad boy to him. I want to make it up to him, so is there any punishment I can give to myself as daddy and I only see each other online?
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    Has anyone tried this new diaper?

    I saw this post several days ago. The diaper looks really nice but the price is a bit expensive. I am willing to try it but want to know if anyone has had a hand on with it before.
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    Pacifier fun

    While wearing a diaper, is there a way to make using on a pacifier fun? Sometimes I find just sucking on it is just boring (or maybe because I just start and haven't discovered the true path of pacifier yet!)
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    Alternative to baby powder

    apart from baby powder, is there any things else you can apply before putting your diaper on to prevent it being too moist down there?
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    How frequent should you change your diaper?

    I usually stay in my night diaper through the day when I'm not going out. As it is usually already soaked at night, I'm not sure if this is a good practice with a threat of rashes. But then I feel like my diaper is barely used and usually it won't leak until the end of the day. But then how...
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    Festive diaper

    What do you think is one of the most festive diapers? One you can wear during Christmas and New Year Eve.
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    Doing martial arts in diaper?

    Has anyone ever practiced martial arts while wearing a diaper?
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    Tumblr gone forever

    Tumblr is banning adult contents on their platform. Where is everybody moving to now? Instagram, Twitter, etc?