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    Northshore Megamax back on NappiesRus!

    Admittedly I did have control top tights and baggy joggers on but Ive never been in public in a nappy (other than pull ups) before. I felt comfortable enough to go for it... In my view they are just awesome. The plastic is very strong but also very quiet compared to others. Tapes are best ever I...
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    Northshore Megamax back on NappiesRus!

    Got mine from NRU last Saturday... Have to say i find them amongst the best I've tried and I've tried a lot... they are way better than i was expecting and the fit... wow the best ever for me also discreet and actually felt confident to go to local Tesco in them without worrying if they'd be...
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    NorthShore via NRU

    Yep they have landed and my order placed... gonna be a nice MegaMax padded weekend... Yippee...
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    ABU Mixed Case Order Help

    Simple Ultras i think are the same as peekABU's but plain white... and times just like it plain :)... Haven't used Little Paws for some time but remember them being good and comfy and they have paws which disappear when wet...
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    ABU Mixed Case Order Help

    Love PeekABU's and Simple Ultra ... not a big fan of BunnyHops ... Little Paws are quite good as well
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    UK Diaper Recommendations

    if White is your thing i like ABU simple Ultra... Excellent absorption but may be a little bulky if using out and about... if you don't mind a little bit of colour try PeekABU's ... NRU are about to stock Northshore MegaMax if you can wait you may want to try these (never used myself waiting to...
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    Does anyone still do the marshmallow trick?

    Not done it for a long time but did go through the faze... I found that freezing the marshmallows allowed for easier insertion and a delay in passing them back out... don't forget to use a lubricant to help insertion
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    Quick question has anyone in the UK ordered from Europe Since Jan 2021... How was the experience? im looking to buy from Diaper Hero's what are they like? Thanks
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    Best XL PE-backed nappy?

    I was going to suggest Tykeables Camelot's but you have said your not a fan of their designs... If you like plain or Landing zone designs try ABUpeekaboos or ABU Simple Ultra these are awesome. other alternatives are Reaz Safari's... You could also give Bambino Classic or Teddies ago... Whatever...
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    Is NappiesRus any good?

    Very good supplier... never had any issues... i usually order by the case and always discreet and well packaged... possibly best selection for UK ABDL's...
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    Northshore Coming to the UK 😀😀😀

    Just looked at NAPPIES R US website and they are now listing Northshore products... looks like they are awaiting stock though... can i be first in the que...
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    How many UK nappy lovers are there and where are you from?

    Another shout out for Kent...
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    Your Diaper Brand Evolution

    Have no idea what i wore as an actual baby but guess that as this was the 70's i used cloth and plastic pants... Early 20's - I returned to nappies in my early 20's with some boots (chemist in UK) own belted briefs... Then discovered some Tena Pullups left after an Trade fair at work. It was...
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    ABU vs Tykables?

    Used to Love Tykeables but find their current Waddle Cut uncomfortable and and difficult to get a good fit... PeekABU's imo are the best diaper out there never had a leak and the Fit for me is the best...
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    I can’t believe I did it...

    You'll just Love the PeekABU's they are fabulous good capacity and great fit never had a leak and i've tested to capacity...