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    Well, i should probably re-do this now i have the time to be using forums and such again. Just saying hey to you all, i was originally active in adisc when they still allowed under 18's to be members, and after almost a year of being allowed to log back into my account i have returned active...
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    Old school runescape

    So, after the under 18 ban and being forced to leave, then the almost a year inactive since i was able to use the forum again i have returned. :D I am just more intrigued as to who in this forum still plays runescape, specifically, old school runescape? Everyone i knew who played before i...
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    Scene Kids and Emo's

    Just wondering if theres anyone else on this forum into the scene and emo culture/music/fashion? Always after more people to talk with who have the same interests in clothes and music! :) ~Rebecca
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    Created an IRC room for all of us to use.

    Hey people... I created a IRC room for all of us to caters for sissy, little girls, crossdressers, those wanting to experiment, and trans people To join the room just type "/join #sissy/lg" into the chat room...
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    Any ABs from the area of newcastle or durham in the UK, im not intrested in meeting up just yet but it would be nice to talk with some one from around the area i live.
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    Good luck to all in newyork.

    I would like to wish all in newyork goodluck and would like to say keep safe. I dont know if the storm has passed, died dowb before getting their or is currently affecting you all as im currently away and have limited wifi while hear so would like to use it for ADISC time.
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    Can't wait!!!

    So, in about an hour my mon is going out to watch a movie with my two sisters. She said I could come and she would give me some money to walk around and shop with I decided I would get myself a paci with it. Do you think it's a good idea.
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    New to ADISC

    Hey, I'm a 14 nearly 15 yer old TB/DL I'm interested in talking with other people around my age that have the same intrest in diapers/nappys with me. I am also currently learning guitar.