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    What is the worst diaper you have tried?

    I once bought a case from Costco about 6 years ago, their Members Mark brand, I ended up throwing out almost the whole case, they didn't hold worth a damn and gave me an almost instant diaper rash. about the only ones I had that were worse was a pack I picked up while on a cruise in Belize, they...
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    Diapers and Toilets.

    naww, not weird for me, considering I do #2 95% of the time, and #1 about 20% though the diapers certainly help, I still haven't given up the toilet completely. during the day, I have no warning about having to take a leak until it happens, then it it's a painful minute or so Thank you still...
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    In a bit of a pickle

    Being single, and having my own house, I am usually not diapered in my own home, at least in the evenings, mostly to air out, I will note however that i'm about 5 steps from the bathroom and can usually make it.
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    "NEW" New, Dry 24/7. Poor quality.

    while I haven't quite gotten around to opening up my latest case, I will say that if I find the quality drop, aside from an occasional dud, to the point of unacceptable for daily wear, I'll start looking again and they'll lose my business, just like Abena lost my business a few years ago.
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    How long does it take to put on your Diaper?

    usually about a minute if I have to change at work, I usually drop the old one down and put the new one on before completely removing the old one (i have a tendency to dribble) I usually go for the butt grease only in the morning
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    Regular adult underwear with kids prints/designs

    I've frequently seen prints on adult underwear over the years. nothing new there, cept that all the underwear I have remaining has been put to use as rags, and are about a decade old
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    Does the Fetish Decrease With Age?

    42 here, and it hasn't decreased a bit, never mind that i've been 24/7 for more than a decade now, I think I might be able to find a 10yo pair of underwear in the bottom of my sock drawer, its been pretty lonely down there
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    Diapered in Public?

    Sorry, I hate to say this, but, these days, I am actually not diapered at home more than in public (gotta air out sometime) and I don't go out in public NOT diapered I have had very little grief in this respect in over a decade of wearing 24/7 as far as wearing outside, I had a chunk of land...
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    hate when that happens

    s'ok, sometimes I'm peeing in em before I'm even done taping em up
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    Washing cloth diapers?

    I have a front loader with adjustable wash rinse settings, as well as a small water heater that I run really hot (165F). I usually do a prewash, and a wash for 1:12, then run it through 6 rinse cycles. also use Oxyclean. the water runs so hot, that it kills everything. I've left diapers in the...
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    Staying at a hotel

    My mother used to work as head of housekeeping, she's had more problems with people having incontinence issues and not wanting to 'fess up' to themselves and wear a diaper or some other form of protection. After dealing with several incedents involving ruined matresses (not on my account), she...
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    ice cream

    ahh, yes. the image of a little kid's face covered in chocolate ice cream is still a treat and a known memory. Unfortunately, being diabetic, (an adult issue) ice cream is a very rare treat indeed, though I might try a small bit soon just for the reminder. as long as I don't partake in such...
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    What parties have you been too? example Diaperfesst

    While I view such things as an interesting experience, I live in the sticks for good reason.. After living in both big city (Boston) and the tiny sticks (the suburbs of Aneth UT pop 500) I live somewhere in between now, being more than 150 miles from the nearest metropolis, in a nice...
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    of unforeseen incidents and wet diapers

    Yeah, I remember a cousin that got stung, and didn't get the antivenom. it wasn't fun for him for a few days. I remember playing with tarantulas when I was a kid, knowing they were venomous. I tried to catch a wild one once, and my mom made me kill it.. oh well. yeah, I can see its the stuff...
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    Do Diapers Make the Trash VERY HEAVY?

    Fortunately, there is a dumpster 40 yards down the street that I use that gets emptied twice a week, I use 13Gal trash bags that I dump there whenever full. sometimes, especially when I'm not accumulating much other garbage, and the bag ends up being mostly diapers, I have to hold it from the...