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    Your way of disposing your diapers?

    Used to use a bin on my way to work. Been working from home for past year so haven't had much opportunity to do this. before it got too cold, I used to ride out to town and use a bin on the way. not as ideal because there is more traffic at that time
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    First time wetting

    Well done on taking the plunge. It will get easier with time. Maybe if you wait until you are bursting your body will be able to let go better
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    What nappies would you like to see on sale in the UK

    I really want forsite diapers
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    DC Amor?

    Most sizes for both Amor and Idyl are in stock on the website you linked. DC have always been expensive
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    New bigger sized goodnites coming Mar. 2021

    Are you sure that's not just an example of how the sides can be torn?
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    What was your first ABDL diaper?

    First big nappies I bought were Molicare Super Plus and first ABDL print were Cuddlz with the bears on
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    Is there an Omegle for ABDLs?

    You can put interests into omegle and match that way. Only downside is that sometimes you won't meet ABDLs
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    Leak free sleep! Booster pad along tummy!

    Taping too tight can lead to leaks as well
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    Warming up your diaper

    I've used a hot water bottle to warm mine up before
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    Losing my pass

    Was this a rant or a question? I have never felt the need to say "I live an alternative lifestyle" to anyone. ABDL is a fetish, not a job or competition.
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    Going commando

    this is something I've considered and its on my bucketlist to try for when I move out and have invested in waterproof covers XD is a laughing face from the times before emoji like 😆
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    Do stores just not sell tab style diapers?

    supermarkets near me pretty much only stock the pullup style. The pharmacies that do have tabs are usually only thee poorer tena slips. always easier to purchase online though.
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    Porn a PutOff?

    I wish I had never started looking at porn. more people need to realise that it's an addiction and stop pushing it as a good thing. It was really showing when pornhub removed amateur videos and all the coomers were up in arms with anger
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    Thoughts on showering in a diaper?

    Something fun to do especially if your diaper is already wet. As others have said it is particularly less enjoyable once it splits