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    Telling my mom

    I love hearing about the acceptance of Parents. Good for you telling your Mom.
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    What's your favorite show when you was little

    I've always loved cars so mine was Speed Buggy. Vroom vroom.
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    anniversary today

    Happy Anniversary you two!
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    Dear friends!!

    Sending special Birthday prayers to MommyScarlet! May your birthday wishes come true now more than ever. Amen.
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    What's your fav little toy?

    Definitely my plushies, I have two. A doggy and a bear but I love playing cars. My Hot Wheels, usually have at least one in my pocket most of the time.
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    Help with Naming my new soft toy

    If 'he' was mine I'd name him Dally. Cause he's a dalmatian. Hehe....
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    I've got to go to hospital to have my tooth taken out today

    I had only my bottoms taken out a couple of years ago. The surgery wasn't too bad cause I was out like a light but the next couple of days sucked. LITERALLY. You may hafta go easy on your paci for a little while. You gotta let em heal and any sucking could open the wounds. I know I had to...
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    Do some AB's like to suck their thumbs?

    I like to start with my thumb but eventually end up trying to get my whole hand in my mouth. I get very drooly with my shirt ending up pretty wet. But it's definitely my paci in bed for sleeps.
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    Hello world.

    Hi! My name is Bap & I'm a baby boy. I work full time but on my free time I love to mountain bike, camp, fish, snowboard and play baseball & golf. I really haven't shared this side of me with anyone up until very recently when I met with a local like-minded group for a daily outing. That was a...