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    Best Pacifier

    I second what ronnieM said. Only the size 7 pacifiers from don't hurt my teeth after using for a long time. They are large and long enough to get past the point where pressure is put on your teeth. Although they are pricey they are the only ones I use especially for sleepy.
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    "I just ______________ ___ my diaper!"

    made in
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    What is the ideal tongue and lips positioning for paci use?

    I hold my paci in my mouth the same way. Pressed up against the roof of my mouth with my tongue. It don't usually use a constant sucking motion, it more just sits there with continuous suction. I get so used to it I almost forget I have it in sometimes. It would actually take quite a bit of...
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    Connecting with other abdls?

    My advice is to start going munches in your area. Then eventually, get to a convention. Obviously once this pandemic is over. I know it's tough as it can be very nerve wracking the first time and may cost quite a bit but believe me, it'll be life changing. Ever since my 1st con back in 2018...
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    Were you babied as a kid

    Being the youngest out of all my brothers, sisters & 20+ cousins I would say yeah, I guess I was but it was just natural in my Family.
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    favorite stuffie

    Shhhhh! Don't tell the others...... but mine is a werewolf. His name is Wolford but I calls him Wolfie.
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    I suggest checking out Changing Times Diaper Company out of Vegas. Their onesies have a great fit, super stretchy and a big seller for me, they have elastic around the legs. I only have 1 all white one but like 4 total. I'm gonna order a few more all white ones. Good luck!
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    Dinosaurs are mine!
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    This little baby is trying to take care of her self

    I agree with @BobbiSueEllen . It's always best to head to beddy bye in a freebie.
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    favorite little kid's show?

    Blaze and the Monster Machines, Paw Patrol & Bluey are my favorites at the moment.
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    When in diapers, what do you wear over them at home if any?

    A onesie & a pair of my Oshkosh overalls usually. That's if I'm not in jammies.
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    The Caitian X January 2021 "Toy of the Month"...

    LOVE anything Sesame Street!
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    Adult pacifier

    I also have quite a large collection now of binky. I have daytime ones which are NUK 5's but when I ly down for nite-nite or naptime I always use my size 7's. They're a much better fit for sleeping and never fall out. You get so used to them you almost forget you have it in.
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    I made my own pacifier clip !

    So cute!
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    1980s Footie Pajamas Replica?

    No potty flap. Solid fleece.