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    :D anytime! Thanks for showing your appreciation! -Marka
    I'm taking it that your name is a reference to Lynne Truss' book...

    ...I applaud you :cool:
    Hey man - I live right in that area, too! Much closer to DC versus Baltimore, but nevertheless, pretty close to both. It's funny, because I just moved here in October, so I'm still getting used to the highways, etc. Last night I was coming back from Baltimore (about an hour ride), and I got ballsy and turned off my GPS. Next thing I knew I was in Virginia in the complete opposite direction that I was supposed to be going. Haha! I still really love it here so far, though! Have you always lived here?
    I don't know if Peachy has responded to you telling him that you and your girlfriend's account are different, if not, I'd make a thread in the Requests board, so it's more official and other mods and see it and know.
    I've had better, but no one died =) It definitely could have been worse! Lots of great food, tho, and time for the 'ol D- word! o_O (i has fat)
    howdy. i'm fond of trees, to the extent that i can usually identify them by name, but it's mostly just a recreational interest. i chose this avatar because i like the mood it conveys. if i recall correctly it's a sugar maple.
    Your welcome, I give it where it is deserved! Some people be slacking on giving out rep points to good points.
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