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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Cuddlz Nursery - absorbency/capacity is good, tapes are good, shell has a nice feel to it, padding's pretty thick, and they're pretty crinkly too. Pattern's a bit more AB than I care for though. But all things considered, I can forgive that.
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    How old are you?

    am I the only on here that's in his 40's? (47)
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    Are there clues that a person may secretly like diapers and wetting in casual conversation.

    I would not be leaving that store without that hat in my shopping bag!
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    Diapers in public and outdoors.

    Cops were called, and you were asked to leave a public beach? Wow. First question out of my mouth would be "Mr Officer, I'd like to know which law you are enforcing?" (because AFAIK we don't have an "I don't like it!" law on the books here!)
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    New ABU Diaper!

    ABU and Rearz both have made "replica" diapers, and in both cases they are adult construction with an old baby diaper pattern on them. You can't just scale up a baby diaper and have it fit an adult properly, and that diaper back then was using old technology and ideas and didn't have most of...
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    What is the "scent strip" in little paws diapers?

    ABU has these thick paper strips about 8" long and 5/8" wide that are soaked in an "aeromatic oil" that smells a bit like vintage pampers. If you select that option when you order, the bag(s) you get will have a slit cut in them and the strip inserted, to add that scent to the diapers. I tried...
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    New Tykeables nappy

    how do these compare with say, their waddler overnights? The overnights don't have as much technical info on them (like capacity) on their web site so I can't tell if they're thicker or thinner or the same?
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    I could finally wet whilst in bed, it's all about practice!

    I've had the same experience. They cut down so much on the air circulation and make me start to sweat, even if I don't start overheating
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    Looking for Recomendations

    Considering how diapers "weird out" people sometimes, I was thinking it might be a good idea to introduce them to something that's "not a typical diaper", at least not what's in their mind and packing all thoe preconceptions and biases. Maybe avoid medical and all-white or baby-themed diapers...
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    Widest diaper?

    They seem to be pretty wide to me? Betterdry/crinklz OTOH are very narrow in the crotch. I've screwed down the (originally adjustable) shelves in my diaper cabinet to improve stability, and so some shelves are permanently a little taller than others. Since iI stock my diapers in the cabinet...
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    Walking and using

    With only one sphincter, and only 1/2" of urethra, most definitely.
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    Widest diaper?

    rearz, abuniverse, cuddlz, nappiesrus, and bambino have the widesct padding inthe crotch. 8-9" on some of their models.
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    How do Dry 24/7s compare to Bambino bianco and Abena M4

    100% agree. They work best for overnight when you're not moving around much. They've also got a pretty large amount of padding higher and wider out in thea back, which is mostly only usable overnight when sleeping on your back
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    ABUniverse and their stock...

    I've also looked at order sequence numbers a few times and wonderedif that was a good way to guess order volume. Maybe, maybe not. A bit of WW2 history: the allies were worried about not knowing the number of tanks that germany was manufacturing, and so they created a team to go inspect...
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    ABUniverse and their stock...

    probably just a cash-flow bottleneck If you wear regularly you should keep a decently stocked stash anyway, and buy in bulk when there's a sale. (that's what I do) If I run low on something, I have other options available, too.