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  • I lost my mobility for the first 6 months after the accident, it took me 10 years to get back walking without all the crutches braces etc, I can walk on my own right now, I just walk a little f-up. (the accident was Oct 21 1997 @ 11 am)

    I can't run I can't jump off anything, my left leg is kinda screwed, and I have to take excellent care of it, plus morphine for the pain, I have been takeing morphine for 11 years.
    You're never going to get it back?? When did this happen?

    "Wow, i didnt realize u lost all of your mobility, sorry man. Does it ever still hurt?"
    Wow, i didnt realize u lost all of your mobility, sorry man. Does it ever still hurt?
    Hey, man, sorry about the long response time. Damn, dude, I am really sorry about your leg, and the sheer agony you must have suffered, I cant even fathom that... Im assuming that part of the settle ment agreement was to not mention the company and amount, for obvious reasons. But my question to you is.... Not trying to be an ass or anything... Do you think it was worth it?
    If you dont mind me asking, may i ask what happened at your job? I hope ur fine now tho!
    AHHHHHH!!! And I just saw your bad ass vette!!!! Damn you!!! You sir, are the diaper king of cars!!! Ok, enough with the screaming lol. But really, you have some really nice cars, man. How long have you had that vette? With only 14k miles you must not drive it very much, id drive it every day! May I ask what you do for a living, cause apparently its working well for you! Nice Civic BTW as well.
    Ahhh! I just realized how to say your name!! BE ALL YOU CAN BE!! Ha! I kept thinking it was always Ballu Can B, have no idea why, just thought id tell you, lol!
    Sorry man, I'm not going to be in town this weekend. I was planning on being here Friday, but somthing came up. Sorry. I'll have to come up to your neck of the woods to show you my turbo'd SHO somtime soon.

    sorry again

    No I didn't know that. Are you bringing the vette, if you come down friday hit me up okay. YOu have my cell right?
    Oh B, I turbocharged the SHO! Its out of control fast. Dyno'd 403whp and 391 ft pounds of torque. Thats more than a 04 ZO6 is putting out at the wheels (just teasing you). To bad I can't use all of that power until like 45 or the tires go up in a blaze of smoke. Next time you are up here I'll have to give you a ride in it. It is FAST!

    I'm serious on a serious subject, but don't take me serious on something frivoulous.

    If a post is talking about something super serious, I give the most serious and thruthful answer I can.

    I hope that clears that up for you.
    I'm not angry, I'm not like that at all, I like to have fun and make people laugh.

    Don't ever take me too seriously, on super serious stuff yes, but anything else I'm always out for the funny side of things
    I didn't mean to anger you, I like you as a member, and enjoy your posts. I simply wanted to know why I did not know you were an older member. You never even mentioned it, I like to know who the older people are so I can ask them questions about themselves and such. If I have angered you, I apologize, and I hope we can still be ADISC friends.
    I just wondered, thanks for replying.
    As for my name, I came up with it (really late at night, I should add) because, although I am not Russian by birth, my mother is a Russian immigrant. I picked this as my name because, oddly enough, I always found it very interesting that my father, an American, would marry her. Technically, it should be The 50% Russian, but that sounds a little silly. (About my avatar: I picked it because of another thing she says about the country, which is that while the communist system was often abused by the Soviet presidents, it worked better than what the Russian Federation has now, with the dramatically increased poverty rates, prostitution rates, crime rates, and more.)
    My sub-name... Heck, I like hockey. No big political statement there. :)
    Hi, I'm just curious as to the origin of your username. Did you get it from the old US Army slogan, or if not, where? You don't have to respond, I'm just interested.
    I guess as of now the kid isn't sure if he wants to go, so as far as picking people up don't worry about it. OH, someone mentioned some ideas of what to do under my PA meet post,m could you look at that and reply with what you think. It is on the second to last or last page and is by Eclipse. Thanks.
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