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  • everybody come and listen to my story. all about the blog that came to stay. its the kind of blog that make you cry with joy. as it pink and full of fun staff. ahhh blog blog. go see my blog blog may the fun be with you
    I was at a comic book store today and on the shelf next to the register were some MLP figures. They were in boxes and I think they were rubber or plastic. But I thought of you and Kimba! :)
    Oh my gosh ! Sorry three weeks ago without a reply ! o_O Sorry not trying to be rude, gotta start using the website not the fourm app tapatalk all the time. What little shop of horrors ? My head as been in the clouds to much I guess lol.
    the site hates me, he said i can't be friend with my self ;(

    p.s. you can realy send yourself a friend req but then he says you can friend yourself
    :D how silly is that
    cool, i broke the 4th wall and im a crazy pony who talks with him\er self, hoof high
    Crap. You scared me there until I noticed the Dark Knight reference (at about the "'why soo sad?'" part).
    Yeah. That's creepy.
    To confirm: this didn't really happen, right?
    Heyas, thanks for the friend request..!
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