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    Regressing and not meeting adult needs help!

    If it means setting me up with cuddle parties with other ABDLs, I want to go to a psych ward for this too! I have somehow managed to form a semi-adult life, although anyone who knows me well would probably say I have a very strong childlike streak. In a different setting, I could definitely see...
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    AB mentioned in the Incredibles??

    Whoa that's an incredible catch. I've seen that movie like ten times and I never noticed that little detail. It certainly could be an easter egg!
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    Why, why, why do I do it? (Messing)

    Oh I can relate to this so much. I'm exactly the same way. It is kinda gross afterwards, so I'm experimenting with ways to make it as clean as possible. Nowadays even when I go number 2 on a toilet I pretend I'm wearing a diaper to at least try to recreate that feeling if only for a couple seconds.
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    ABDL Match scam and new dating site for ABDL community opinions.

    Your heart is in the right place, definitely. It would be great if something like this existed, but it's just such a niche thing... There's little you can do to prevent it from having the same issues other dating sites have (too many guys...). The most realistic way to meet another ABDL in real...
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    For those who don't view reddit

    Thought the same thing when I saw that on reddit! :) Maybe it will introduce some new people into a newfound lifestyle!
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    Anyone still fit into baby diapers?

    Hey I fit into the baby diapers! Well Pampers Size 7 at least, and just barely. Usually I extend the tabs a bit. But it's true they don't hold much so I'm trying to expand into adult versions. I weigh about 110 lbs.
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    New to diapers - what do you recommend?

    I have about the same waist size as you! Yeah depends kind of suck.. A good bet for you might be goodnites/underjams, though they don't have the side strap thing. They fit me well and have kinda a babyish feel which I like. Of course you can't go wrong with abena m4 (they should fit you, but...
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    Acting childish in public

    I can totally relate to this.. I couldn't do it in elementary school but whenever I've been in a situation where I could hang out with people younger than me, I would almost do so, even now. I just feel more comfortable that way.
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    What show and movies did you watch?

    What about Rugrats?? That was a huge one for me, one of my all time favorites, to this day!
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    Idea for a film

    This sounds interesting. I would like to see it, but it certainly would be a very niche movie. With a good script and acting, it could be very effective. The main actor would have to be especially good and charismatic if you want non-abdl people to empathize with him.
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    The Finnish people have a saying...

    oh god just stop it. It's things like this which are the reason I am an abdl. I can just imagine being a kid and romping through the puddles in the rain. I need to go potty but I don't want to stop having all this fun! ;)
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    Want to connect with like minded people

    I've played some Intermezzos on piano and several of his symphonies, and one of his quartets, and a bunch of other stuff too. I love playing Chopin too :)
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    discreete order idea

    I actually did something like this once upon a time, and it worked well! (about five years ago) Except to be honest my parents aren't the questioning type. They wouldn't have cared if I just got the package normally anyway.
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    Are my feelings about messy diapers normal?

    Dude I'm with you 100% I find the messy diaper so comforting. Especially the act of messing itself. There's so much pleasure in that. It's quite difficult for me, though. I've only successfully messed a diaper a few times. Usually I'm just unable to do it!
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    I believe in something.

    I feel like all there needs to be is some high profile really famous person who's already liked by society to come out as an ABDL and then people might start becoming more accepting and aware... That will help us evolve!