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    Diaper Vending Machine at KC Airport

    I don't know if this is the exact machine you saw, but it's not a new concept. Nanny Caddy - A National Baby Supply Vending Company with offices in Phoenix, AZ and Philadelphia, PA
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    Weird, never seen another Sage on here, ever. And not many males who go by Sage anywhere lol...

    Weird, never seen another Sage on here, ever. And not many males who go by Sage anywhere lol. Pretty well. How are you?
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    Seeking: Beta Testers

    Family will be away, I was going to be bored....Still looking for some test monkeys? I like sneak peeks. =)
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    Be you still own Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

    I still have my deck (Exodia), and my Holo collection. I have/had 1000+ cards easy. I'd go to the local card shop and swap a few Holos for 100s of worthless commons. Unfortunately said card shop went out of business, and now no one around to play with. Though about selling them, but the...
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    Police, on a drug raid, stop to play some Wii Bowling

    I can't really blame them. I've fixed quite a few friends computer. A few from scratch (OS install, update, progrma install, drivers, etc. And if they give me a game to install I'll 9/10 play the thing. I'm testing it, is the official story. =P On a side note, why weren't the tapes confiscated...
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    So, I Sucked It Up

    Congrats on your first purchase. And just a bit of advise for purchasing later in the year, Christmas Gag Gifts. or just as a gag gift in general. Always works.
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    Well it figures that a site that would be visited by older adults would likely get hit. Before it got caught who knows what all got jacked from visitors.
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    What would be the odds of my family finding out...

    I wouldn't try 24/7 with family around. That's just me, but it seems there would be a higher risk of discovery.
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    "Coming out"

    I think you have to define coming out. I'm bi and a good chunk of people know. (Including all of you who read this) But there is no person who lives around me who can say He's bi with any proof. I compartmentalize my life. I have about as many identities as I do friends. Those that need to...
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    Will June 12th be Doomsday?!

    I for one am looking forward to the convert date. Do you realize how many people in small towns are convinced that if they touch their TV cables the TV will explode? IF the there are as many idiots as I think their are in this town, I will be rolling on the dough June 12th. Case in point When I...
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    Coupon Clippers

    Nope, I do it to.It's great because my family thinks my name just got sold to a marketing company.
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    Free Samples!!!!!

    A bunch of free diaper samples. All free shipping ? Tena Sampling Tena - Pull-Ups Pampers Pull Ups Free Sample of Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers Huggies (stuffer maybe?)
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    I'm bad with faces

    Hmm, that has to be rough. I have the opposite problem. If I met someone once I know them in a crowded room. Tack that on I have this ability to make people talk. (reveal things about themselves they wouldn't normally share) It certainly makes things weird sometimes. Usually because they don't...
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    First time donating blood

    I got a hat. I almost did pass out and they said I couldn't donate that day.
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    If people are complaining about your name, just consider changing it. I mean, I know my name is cliche, but it is me. It's directly linked to my RL.